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Laser automatic fiber laser cutting machine roller type cutting platform

by:Lxshow     2021-05-20

The cutting field of the roller-type automatic fiber laser cutting machine is characterized by: including the main body of the field, the conveyor negotiation smoke exhaust pipe, and it can reach the goal of completing the continuous loading and unloading of the entire roll of the sheet in the cutting field, because the sheet transportation is After the support wheel is rolled, the cut workpiece with holes found in the original rolling cutting field will be hung on the support bar or the bar-shaped workpiece will be stuck in the center of the high and low support bar, causing the cutting field to fail to operate or even The problem of destruction found that the smoke exhaust pipe can be closer to the plate processed by the cutting machine, so that the smoke and dust suction and discharge results are better, the transmission obedience is relatively high, and the stability is better. Therefore, it can complete the high-speed transportation of the plate. The inverter controller and server can be used. Hold the master, and cooperate with the uncoiling leveler, improve the automatic mastery, greatly promote the part-time obedience.

The reclaiming assembly of the large-size OCA automatic fiber laser cutting machine includes cast aluminum gantry, X-axis slide, marble field, X-axis linear motor, robot receiving board, and The two X-axis slide rails are arranged on both sides of the marble field. Below the X-axis slide rails are the robot receiving plates. The robot receiving plates are used to continuously cast aluminum gantry and cast aluminum gantry. The two ends experience the sliding of the bearing plate of the two robots and continue on the X-axis slide rail, the marble field is located under the cast aluminum gantry, and the reclaiming robot is arranged on the opposite side of the cast aluminum gantry. This new type of application has compact layout, high level of automation, reliable and safe operation, and is useful to ensure accuracy. Moreover, a variable path suction cup with buffering function is installed on the hand of the reclaiming machine to suck vacuum, which can tightly adsorb OCA materials for convenience The cast aluminum gantry is moved to a responsive position, which will not cause crushing, indentation, etc. to the OCA.

The main chuck dust removal assembly and automatic fiber laser cutting machine, the main chuck dust removal assembly includes a metal tube, a pressure regulating pipeline and a solenoid valve. The metal tube has a hollow gas Unobstructed passage, the end of the outlet end of the metal pipe is equipped with an air nozzle for evacuation of the air flow, and the main chuck is penetrated through the metal pipe; the inlet end of the pressure regulating pipeline is used for the continuous supply of high-pressure gas gas source, The air outlet end continues to the air inlet end of the metal pipe, and a pressure regulating valve is arranged on the pressure regulating pipeline; the solenoid valve is arranged on the pressure regulating pipeline. The dust removal assembly of the main chuck can go through high pressure gas to clean the dust and dust on the rear gear of the main chuck and other parts, and can be spared the dust that occurs when the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is used to cut the pipe. The dust sticks to the inner wall of the pipe. Difficult to deal with the environment, progress obedience.

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