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Application of laser cutting machine fiber cnc in daily life

Application of laser cutting machine fiber cnc in daily life



Steel metal fiber laser cutting machine sounds far away from us. Most people really don't understand what it means. They only know that it can be cut, but they don't know what items can be cut, and they don't know how to cut. In fact, fiber laser machine metal cut has already been integrated into our lives. As long as you look carefully, you will find that laser cutting products can be seen everywhere, and you can feel the changes it brings to our lives everywhere. A series of colorful lampshades such as table lamps at home, lamps in the living room, mini lamps on the dining table, some are hollow, some are shell-shaped, or are flowers...

In fact, these lampshades are not hand-carved, and are no longer traditional engravings. They are basically cut by 1325l fiber laser cutting machine. The fiber laser 1kw cutting machine can make the lampshade according to the shape of the design drawing, decide where to hollow out, where to have the pattern, and where to keep the same, so as to process the lampshade with different shapes.

Our life has gradually become richer, and in the case of food and clothing, people began to pursue a stylish, personalized life. The styles of furniture are more and more different. Every day we come into contact with home appliances such as TVs and refrigerators. Many of these shells and screens with different shapes and materials are processed by laser fiber pipe cutting machine. Under the control of the computer, the laser cutting machine focuses the laser beam with high energy on a complete steel plate and LCD screen, and cuts it clearly according to the design drawing. Laser cutting has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high precision and high yield. The traditional cutting method has not reached the requirements of production and life.

The scientific and technological achievements brought by the fiber laser cutting machine ipg have been popularized, and its applications are wide, including common metal materials such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum veneer and copper, etc., can be processed by laser cutting, plus the laser cutting process is excellent and the precision is high The fast speed has become the common choice of more and more manufacturers, which is why laser cutting products are more and more common in life.

Over the years, LXSHOW has concentrated on research, and has rich equipment precipitation and successful experience in laser cutting. The company has launched a series of high-precision fiber laser cutting machines for metal processing, which have been successfully applied to the market and bring huge benefits to customers.

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