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Performance characteristics of Plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine

Performance characteristics of Plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine


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Pipes and profiles are used in all walks of life. Coffins and profiles are closely related to everyone's life. Such as furniture, clothing exhibitions, large stadiums, fitness equipment, agricultural machinery, passenger cars, forklifts, petroleum screens and other industries, as the market demand continues to expand, the processing market for pipes and profiles is also growing. Traditional processing methods have been unable to meet high-speed market development requirements and low-cost production models.

Plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine is a professional equipment for tube sheet and sheet cutting. It has more advantages in cutting tube sheet than other equipment. No matter what type of tube sheet is shaped, it can cut efficiently and accurately. Laser tube sheet integrated cutting machine has quickly occupied various metal processing industries with its professional and stable cutting effect, especially in automobile manufacturing, petroleum mining, machinery manufacturing, etc., and has been widely used.

First of all, we need to know that laser tube cutting is a technology with high production efficiency, strong capacity and flexibility. Even at the last minute, the operator can modify the design scheme without affecting the entire product production process; more The big advantage is that the end user can control short or medium version production without making a large number of templates, which can respond faster to customer needs without the need to make casting molds. It is not difficult to conclude that it has the following 2 characteristics:

In terms of flexibility, laser tube cutting is almost "omnipotent." It can process any regular tube shape that has been programmed, and the laser can cut perfectly in any direction. The shape of the template is designed by computer programming, which can be changed quickly, providing customers with powerful personalized processing.

Accuracy is also one of the advantages of laser tube cutting. Laser processing can compensate for inaccuracies in the post-printing process. For example, the material may undergo deformation and contraction. The laser can be adjusted according to these deformations, while traditional template production cannot.

The tube-board laser cutting machine produced by Jinan Lingxiu Laser has a complete system configuration, high processing efficiency, high precision, and stable and reliable operation. The main feature is the use of a full-through numerically controlled rotary table. The through-hole diameter of the pipe is large, 200mm. The two high-precision turntables are driven by dual drives synchronously. The pipes are not easy to be twisted and deformed during processing. Not only is the precision high, but the processing efficiency is high. It can cut round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, oval tubes, various special-shaped tubes, etc Formed pipes.


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