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Laser cutting application in chassis cabinet industry

Laser cutting application in chassis cabinet industry


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Chassis cabinet refers to the cabinet processed by sheet metal processing equipment. With the application of various high-tech, the application field of the chassis cabinet is getting wider and wider, and the performance is getting higher and higher. The high-performance chassis cabinet can not only improve Efficiency and longer life. As the manufacturing industry of cabinets, the biggest processing problem still faces is the waste of materials and the consumption of time. Nowadays, coupled with the increasing market demands for product aesthetics, the degree of complexity is increasing, and the speed of product innovation is increasing. The traditional processing method is cnc fiber laser cutting machine, which uses a "beam" instead of a traditional mechanical knife. The cutting speed is fast and the cut is smooth. Generally, no post-processing is required. Suitable for almost all types of metal materials, whether simple or complex parts, can be precision and rapid prototyping at one time. The use of software drawing to cooperate with the cutting work eliminates the need for molds, which not only enables product diversification but also greatly reduces mold costs. Manufacturers of computer case equipment, safes, file cabinets, and power distribution cabinets choose to use laser cutting equipment. What they value is the stability, fastness, and high accuracy of the equipment. There is no need for secondary processing of the workpiece, which can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce Cost of production. At the same time, due to the increasingly fierce market competition in the cabinet and cabinet industry, many varieties and small batches of products are more and more welcomed by the market. The flexible processing method of laser cutting not only greatly improves the product quality, but also greatly shortens the development and production cycle, bringing customers Strong competitiveness.

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