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Is there still room for profitability of metal laser cutting machines in 2021?

Is there still room for profitability of metal laser cutting machines in 2021?


In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption and the acceleration of industrialization, the demand for metal materials has gradually increased, and more and more companies engaged in metal processing. The demand for metal laser cutting machines has gradually become popular in the market. The market scale of laser cutting machines in my country It is getting bigger and bigger, and its application is getting wider and wider. Laser cutting machines have become necessary production equipment in the metal processing industry. It is understood that laser cutting accounts for more than 40% of metal material processing and is the most important equipment in the metal processing industry. So, is it profitable to invest in metal laser cutting machines in 2021? How much does it cost to invest in metal laser cutting machines?

1. Does the metal laser cutting machine make money?

From the market point of view, metal laser cutting machines have fine investment returns. As we all know, the more highly skilled, efficient, and new equipment, the higher the cost, but the efficiency is directly proportional to its value. A fiber laser cutting machine is the best kind of cutting equipment, and its cutting technology is also top-notch, but its cost is relatively expensive compared with other cutting equipment. Some mechanical cutting, especially some hard and large cutting objects, often need to use this efficient fiber laser cutting machine. For a mechanical cutting plant, the cost of introducing such a piece of equipment is naturally high, which is much more expensive than some traditional cutting equipment, but there are also reasons for its high cost. After all, quality can be guaranteed and efficiency improved.


If you want to carefully compare the cost of the laser cutting machine, it is often more obvious. If you use traditional cutting equipment, the efficiency is relatively low, the quality cannot be guaranteed, and more people are required to operate. Although the short-term cost is relatively low, the long-term cost is still relatively high. The introduction of the laser cutting machine has high efficiency and guaranteed quality. It can be operated by one or two people without too much manpower. In contrast, if the traditional cutting machine and laser cutting machine continue for a long time, the cost of the laser cutting machine will be lower and the profit will be higher.

There are many metal processing equipment on the market, and the quality of the processing equipment determines the output and quality of metal products. It is recommended to use a metal laser cutting machine to produce beautiful shape and high output.

2. How much does it cost to invest in a metal laser cutting machine?

2.1. Analysis from the perspective of users

Since the metal laser cutting machine has a variety of models to meet the processing requirements of different users, each model has a different quotation. Generally speaking, the price is slightly more expensive, but it can better meet the processing needs of users and bring users a High yield rate.

2.2. Analysis from the perspective of manufacturers

There are many metal laser cutting machine manufacturers on the market, including direct-sale manufacturers and distributor-type manufacturers. Naturally, equipment prices are different. Secondly, according to the site and budget of different customers, the production plan of the metal laser cutting machine is different, and different equipment configurations will lead to different prices. The general price is between hundreds of thousands to millions, depending on the power configuration and equipment processing format.

In summary, the prospect of using metal laser cutting machines is still very impressive. A metal laser cutting machine price is also different depending on the user's production situation. The metal materials are used in a wide range after processing, such as kitchenware electrical cabinets, machinery manufacturing, etc.

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