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The impact of laser welding machine full power operation

The impact of laser welding machine full power operation



There are many customers who face the need for continuous mass production for a long time. The laser welding machine is often used to complete the welding process because the low-power model is difficult to meet the corresponding welding requirements. In fact, this is understandable, but what is the impact of long-term full power work?


First, the main components of the laser power supply: full power use is like the car running 120 yards for a long time, easy to lead to laser power (mainly provide power source) aging, and related electronic and optical components aging, shorten the life of components.


 Second, the main components of the laser xenon lamp and crystal: the consumption rate of consumables increased, such as a xenon lamp normally shines 1 million times, long-term full load operation will be reduced to hundreds of thousands of times, the lens temperature rise during full-time full load operation And the coating surface damage is intensified, and it is easy to cause pollution and cracking.


Third, the main components of the laser chiller: the chiller starts and stops the high-frequency operation, the internal compressor and the main components are very large, shortening the service life of the chiller.


It can be seen that the laser power and the welding speed affect the penetration and the melting width, which in turn affect the weld strength. Excessive power burns out the alloying elements in the weld zone, which reduces the strength and mechanical properties of the weld. It also deteriorates the weld formation due to the high welding power, increases the surface porosity, and reduces the strength. Therefore, when we purchase a laser welding machine, we first consider the factors such as the material and thickness of the welded product, and then select the model that is suitable for power. This not only achieves the best welding results, but also increases the service life of the equipment.


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