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Talking about the Application of Laser Technology in the Frame of Mobile Phone

Talking about the Application of Laser Technology in the Frame of Mobile Phone



Everyone is familiar with mobile phones. Almost everyone in today's society has a mobile phone, which is an important communication tool in people's daily work and life. With the continuous development of mobile phones, mobile phone casings have gradually shifted from the original plastic casing to metal casings, ceramic casings, glass casings, etc. Due to the future thin and light development of mobile phones, traditional manufacturing methods have been difficult to meet the current needs. With the application of laser technology, its precision processing has quickly become the favor of the mobile phone manufacturing industry. Let's follow the lead show laser to understand the application of laser technology in the mobile phone frame.


The application of laser marking technology in mobile phone shells is mainly the marking of back shell logo, patent number, company copyright and other information. With the continuous development of smart phones, the fonts of production information, patent numbers and other information on the back shell are very small. Traditional craftsmanship is nothing more than the needs of small characters, while the laser marking machine has a small focus spot, which is configured according to different needs. The characters can be less than 0.1mm, which can fully meet the new requirements.


The application of laser cutting technology in the outer frame of the mobile phone is the cutting of the key position of the frame, and the laser drilling of the headphone and speaker. And touch screen laser cutting and fingerprint identification cover cutting, camera cover cutting.


In comparison, the traditional CNC, cutter, punching, and punching methods used for the cutting of mobile phone casings are more efficient and effective. Laser cutting technology has also been introduced to plastic, anodized aluminum, and ceramic cutting applications, but it has not been formed at one time and has become an auxiliary processing method. Taking the ceramic frame as an example, through laser cutting, CNC reaming is used to form Complete product. The laser cutting technology used here is QCW laser cutting machine, continuous laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine. The relative advantages of lacquer application are not obvious. The mainstream is to use stamping and CNC methods.

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