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Application of laser cutting in food machinery

Application of laser cutting in food machinery


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Food machinery is one of the products that comes into direct contact with it in the food production process, and its quality directly affects food safety. How many commodities produced by unqualified machinery have been purchased and consumed by consumers can no longer be estimated. The quality of food machinery directly affects food safety and is more related to people's health. For a long time, the food machinery industry has faced the embarrassing situation of being small but scattered and big but not refined. To be invincible in the market, food production must be mechanized, automated, specialized, and scaled, freed from traditional manual labor and workshop operations, and improved in hygiene, safety, and production efficiency.

Compared with the traditional processing technology, the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in the production of food machinery are outstanding. Traditional processing methods require multiple links such as mold opening, stamping, shearing, and bending. Low work efficiency, large mold consumption, and high use costs have seriously hindered the pace of innovation and development of the food machinery industry. Laser cutting is a non-contact processing, which guarantees the safety and health of food machinery. The cutting gap and cutting surface are smooth, no secondary processing is required, the cutting speed is fast, and no mold manufacturing is required. Processing can be processed after the drawing is formed, effectively promoting food machinery The upgrading and replacement, while greatly reducing the production costs of machinery manufacturing. I believe that in the future, laser cutting technology will shine in the food machinery industry.

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