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Environmental protection dust removal of fiber laser cutting machine manufacturing line

Environmental protection dust removal of fiber laser cutting machine manufacturing line


The environmentally friendly dust-removing fiber laser cutting machine for preparing strict accessories for the automated manufacturing line, laser processing technology involving special processing technology, including the fiber laser cutting machine body, the fiber laser cutting machine body contains a support base, and a part-time table is built at the top of the support base. There are chutes on both sides of the outer appearance of the support base, a sliding block is built inside the chute, a continuous block is built on the top of the sliding block, an organic shell is built on one end of the baffle, and an air inlet is opened on the top of the shell. There are fan blades at the top, a filter bucket at the bottom of the motor, a filter screen at the bottom of the filter bucket, and an air outlet at the bottom of the casing. The device can effectively handle the large amount of soot that occurs when the fiber laser cutting machine body is part-time, which will cause harm to the health and safety of the operator. At the same time, it handles the insidious situation of the operator's part-time job, facilitates the part-time job of the operator, and effectively improves the part-time obedience .


Integrated fiber laser cutting machine processing components and processing techniques. The processing components include feed motor, frame, screw nut mechanism, slide plate, container plate, laser cutting head, rodless cylinder, torsion motor, torsion motor seat, Chuck and drill, where the screw-nut mechanism is arranged on the machine base, the feed motor is continuous with the screw-nut mechanism, the sliding plate is arranged on the screw-nut mechanism, the manifold is arranged on the sliding plate, the rodless cylinder and The laser cutting heads are all arranged on the pallet, the torsion motor base is continuous with the rodless cylinder, and the torsion motor is placed on the torsion motor base and continues with the chuck. The chuck and the drill can be destroyed and sustained. This discovery can perform laser cutting and drilling processing at the same time, probably at the same time laser cutting, drilling and tapping processing, the processing process does not need to be transported to different equipment, processing speed, high compliance and high precision.

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