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Jinan Lingxiu Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

20 Years Of Experience In Fiber Laser Cutting Machine manufacturing

Factory Outlet

Established in July 2004,we have more than 30 seniors experts in the laser industry ,200 skilled workers, 85 sales ,120 after salesowns more than 500 square meters of researching and office  space, more than 32000 square meters factory All machines, passed the European Union CE authentication American FDA cerificate and are certied to ISO 9001. Products are sold to USA, Canada, Australia, Europe. South east Asia, Afica etc, more than 120 counties and areas, and supply OEM service for more than 30 manufactures.

7 Advantages Of Using Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1. High efficiency and energy saving.

The laser cutting machine adopts non-contact processing, with small inertia and fast processing speed. It is programmed with CAD/CAM software of CNC system, which saves time, is convenient, and has high overall efficiency. The cutting speed of the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine can reach a cutting speed of 100 meters per second. Secondly, the photoelectric conversion rate of fiber laser is as high as 25%, and the advantages in electricity consumption and supporting cooling system are quite obvious.

2. Low processing and maintenance costs.

The price of one-time investment equipment for fiber laser cutting machine is high, but the processing cost is low, and it has excellent advantages in cutting large quantities of workpieces. It basically has no consumables in the cutting process, and is capable of working in harsh working environments, with high tolerance to dust, shock, shock, humidity, and temperature. In addition, it can achieve the cutting effect of high-power machines with low power, effectively reducing cutting costs.

3. There are many types of metals that are applicable.

The laser energy density is high enough to melt any metal, and it is especially suitable for processing some difficult-to-machine materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials with high hardness, high brittleness and high melting point, such as brass, aluminum, etc. At present, laser cutting machines can be used in 100% metal blanking processing. Whether it is commonly used stainless steel, carbon steel, or difficult high-reflection materials, laser cutting machines can easily deal with them.

4. Narrow incision, high precision and good incision roughness, suitable for precision machining.

Laser processing has the advantages of high energy density, short action time, small heat affected zone, small thermal deformation, small thermal stress, non-mechanical contact processing of laser, and no mechanical stress on the workpiece.

5. Cutting thickness advantage.

With the continuous innovation of laser technology, 50,000-watt ultra-high-power cnc laser cutters have appeared on the market, which means that the laser cutting machine can cut thicker plates. At present, the thickness of the most commonly cut plates in the market is 1mm-30mm. In some metal cutting machines, laser cutting can be applied to a wider range of cutting thicknesses and is more efficient.

6. Easy to design and modify to adapt to individual processing.

The control system of the laser cutting machine itself is a computer system, which can flexibly design graphics. For some sheet metal parts with complex shapes and shapes, there is no need to open a mold, and the graphics can be cut immediately after designing, saving time and effort.

7. Environmentally friendly.

The laser has a high degree of automation, and with the dust removal system and the enclosed design of the outer enclosure, there is no pollution and low noise, which greatly improves the operating environment of the operator.

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