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10 functions of fiber laser cutting machine

10 functions of fiber laser cutting machine



1. Auto-following: fiber laser cutting machine for metal follows automatically during operation.

2. Automatic sorting: programming, nesting and nesting of parts to be cut.

3. Automatic compensation: to make up for the size difference caused by the kerf loss, cnc metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine automatically compensates for the material to ensure product accuracy.

4. Automatic edge finding: Perceive the inclination angle and origin of the sheet, and cut at the angle and position suitable for the sheet to avoid waste of raw materials.

5. Breakpoint memory: When the power is off, the system records the machine's suspension status, and after machine fiber laser cutting restarts, it can continue to work on the original basis.

6. Automatic leapfrog: Parabolic motion is used in the idle stroke to reduce the time of raising the cutting head and improve cutting efficiency. It is commonly known as "leapfrog".

7. Automatically walk the frame: before the material is cut, confirm the processing range through the software setting, and make sure that the required cutting material does not shift.

Automatically add lead: automatically set the lead position to prevent burns at the beginning and end of the workpiece.

8. Co-edge cutting: fiber metal sheet laser cutting machine arranges the parts with long sides as long as possible in a long-side-to-long-side manner according to certain rules, and only cuts the common edge part of the outer contours of these parts when the cutting command is generated. Save time and save materials.

9. Can read DXF/AI/PLT format files and international standard G codes

10. Automatic micro link: During operation of fiber laser cutting machine for stainless steel, the part and the plate are not separated to ensure that the part is not deformed and the safety of the laser head during rapid movement.

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