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laser cleaning machine 500w for pre-treatment of brazing and welding

laser cleaning machine 500w for pre-treatment of brazing and welding



Laser cleaning plays a very important role in the pretreatment of welding and brazing. In shipbuilding, precision tool manufacturing, automotive and other related industries, aluminum and steel must be treated before they can be welded.

One of the many applications for laser cleaning is laser welding preparation, which helps remove black and non-ferrous metals, lubricants and other contaminants from metal and aluminum surfaces in preparation for high quality welding. It also ensures a smooth and non-porous brazed weld.


When used for pre-treatment of welding and brazing, laser cleaning performs the following operations:

Thoroughly remove shop primer, hydrate and oxide layer

Remove grease and oil


In addition to soldering and brazing preparation, lasers can be used to remove solder residue, such as residual flux and oxide materials, as well as hot spots on finished solder joints.


The benefits of using laser cleaning in soldering and brazing pretreatment include:

Adjustable wavelength and power for precise processing of joints in a wide range of material thicknesses

No damage to the base material (ie the galvanized layer of the steel plate)

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