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Metal fiber laser cutting machine achieve stainless steel cutting with film

Metal fiber laser cutting machine achieve stainless steel cutting with film


Nowadays metal fiber laser cutting machines have been increasingly applied to the metal processing industry, and are gradually replacing traditional processing methods, such as shearing, flame, punching, and numerical control. Because the laser cutting machine is a new type of processing equipment, it has not been fully accepted by the industry for several reasons:

   1. For some industries, the existing machines can meet the production needs, so they don't have a deep understanding, so they are not familiar with them.

   2. Compared with traditional machines, the price factor is also one of them. The price is much more expensive than traditional machines.

   3. The main point is, the metal laser cutting machine easy to use, and how much work efficiency can it increase? This is a problem that everyone is more concerned about.


Then let's take a look at the working principle why the laser cutter is so easy to use and why it can greatly increase the work efficiency.

The key to the metal fiber laser cutting machine is laser processing technology. The precision laser processing technology can process a variety of workpieces. That is because it does not need to directly contact the workpiece when cutting, so metal laser cutting The high-energy laser beam generated by the machine can move freely, so that the surface of the workpiece to be cut is evenly heated, and the cutting precision is high; and the precision laser processing technology can cut a lot of workpiece materials.

Through the analysis, you can see that the metal laser cutting machine can greatly increase work efficiency. Are you still entangled in using it?

When cutting brushed or mirrored stainless steel, the film cutting technology is generally used. Because the wavelength of the fiber laser is relatively short, only 1.06um, it is difficult to be absorbed by non-metallic materials. When cutting stainless steel film, anti-slag and cutting often occur. Poor phenomena such as impermeability, high anti-alarm, etc., have a great impact on the cutting quality and normal production of the plate. If you want to melt the surface film, you need to rely on the reflected heat of the laser on the steel plate to achieve it, and the power cannot be cut through. Film; high power is easy to cause radiation to damage the surface of the sheet; a cutting is very unstable; the surface film is easily blown up. Obviously, the traditional CO2 laser cutting process cannot achieve the cutting of film stainless steel.

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