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Safety Operation of Fiber laser cutting machine

Safety Operation of Fiber laser cutting machine


When using the fiber laser cutting machine, we must not only ensure correct operation, but also be responsible for the personal safety of the operator. If the correct safety operation method is not used, it will cause personal injury to the user or damage to the machine. Let's take a look at the safe use of fiber laser cutting machines:



1. Start the laser strictly according to the laser start-up procedure, dim the light, and try to cut the workpiece.


2, the operator must undergo certain training, familiar with cutting software, equipment structure, performance, and master the relevant knowledge of its operating system.


3. Wear protective equipment in accordance with the regulations, and wear protective eyes as specified in the vicinity of the laser beam.


4. The operator should not leave the job without permission when the device is started. If it is necessary to stop, stop it and disconnect the emergency stop button to enable it.


5. The laser or shutter should be turned off when not processing.


6, keep the laser, laser head, the machine around the machine, orderly, no oil, workpieces, materials, scraps placed neatly in accordance with the regulations.


7. The use of gas tanks should strictly follow the inspection procedures for tanks. When opening the gas cylinder, the operator must stand on the side of the air outlet.


8. When repairing, the high pressure regulations must be strictly observed. Turn off the power and check the cause of the equipment failure.


9. Fire safety regulations must be strictly observed. Fire extinguishers should be placed at a location that is easily accessible.


10. When it is not clear whether a material can be irradiated or cut with a laser, do not process it to avoid the potential hazard of smoke and steam.


11. Care should be taken when handling materials to ensure personal safety. When we use the laser cutting machine

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