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Brief description of fiber laser cutting machine for pipe and tube cutting metal pipe

Brief description of fiber laser cutting machine for pipe and tube cutting metal pipe


The main content of this article is to introduce the main technology of fiber laser cutting machine for pipe and tube for cutting pipes, in the hope that readers have more understanding of fiber pipe laser cutting machine.

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Full-stroke automatic laser cutting and blanking of large-length metal pipes

For the process requirements of full-stroke automatic laser cutting and blanking of large-length metal pipes, the mechanical structure adopts a dual-drive pneumatic chuck rotating mechanism (active shaft W, driven shaft W1), aligned with the driving shaft W axis pneumatic chuck rotating mechanism Fix it, clamp the pipe, and cut the pipe through the X, Y, W movement of the machine tool. The right driven shaft W1 pneumatic chuck rotating mechanism can be inserted and moved along the workpiece with the worktable, which can realize large-length metal pipes. Full-stroke automatic laser cutting and unloading.


CNC cutting technology

In order to obtain large-volume, high-efficiency, and expanded production effects, CNC cutting must be used. The core of steel pipe laser cutting machine CNC cutting is the CNC cutting system. The control software of the numerical control system can prevent the overburning of the cutting points of the parts and the corners of the parts. It provides advanced cutting technology and rich cutting experience. The laser cutting machine square tube operators can use the control system proficiently to achieve precise and efficient CNC cutting.


Professional pipe nesting technology

In order to achieve the purpose of high-efficiency cutting of the fiber laser cutting machine for tube CNC laser tube cutting, the programming nest is more complicated, and the tube will be wasted if it is used improperly. Through professional pipe cutting and nesting software, drawing, nesting, and blanking segmented programming are performed on the computer in advance to generate NC cutting programs, and then large-length metal pipes are automatically laser cut and blanked in the full stroke. The basis and necessary condition for realizing large-volume, high-efficiency, and size-cutting production of CNC pipe cutting machines is professional pipe nesting software.


Pipe cutting process

When the metal pipe fiber laser cutting machine cuts a square pipe with small pipe diameter, the molten slag adheres to the inner wall of the pipe, and most of the volume generated by the cutting is absorbed by the workpiece. When the cutting density penetrates, the pipe often overlaps, and the corners and the four corners of the square pipe pass For such problems, the following can be used: (1) The laser cutting head with a height sensing follow-up system can ensure that during the cutting process of the fiber cnc pipe laser cutting machine, the height of the cutting nozzle and the surface of the workpiece remains unchanged (the focus remains unchanged), so that The cutting effect is not corroded with the change of the workpiece surface; (2) The method of increasing the oxygen pressure (6-8Mpa); (3) The sharp corner synthesis speed is increased through the software. The method can solve the problems of "overburning" and slagging when the laser cut machine for stainless steel tube cuts the tube.

With the continuous update and development of computer technology, mechanical structure, cutting technology and optimization algorithms, laser cutting pipe machine tube cutting technology has been continuously improved, and CNC laser tube cutting technology will highlight its intelligent, fast and optimized cutting process. And technology, for the efficient cutting of cutting machine pipe laser, high-quality cutting, as well as saving pipes and can provide technical guarantee.

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