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Fiber laser cutting machine application scope and advantages

Fiber laser cutting machine application scope and advantages



Explosion line refers to the cracking of the paper at the indentation when the product is die-cut by a flat die cutting machine or when the product is folded. This is a question that often arises in die cutting, especially in a monotonous climate. It should be analyzed according to specific conditions:


1. The paper is brittle and has low water content, especially the paper polished by high temperature, which is easy to explode when die cutting. At this time, adjust the humidity of the paper before die-cutting. You can use a water-passing machine to make the paper difficult to pass water, add its water content to make the grade slightly flexible, and then go to the die-cutting machine. If the thread bursts after die-cutting, wipe the water at the crease to reduce the thread burst.


2. The surface of the printed product has a large area of blue or black and other dark colors on the ground, which is easy to explode and burst after die cutting. No or no ink additives are added to the dark ink during printing to enhance the adhesion of the ink on the paper and reduce the appearance of color burst and line burst.


3. When the thickness of the paper (board) is too large, the thread will burst briefly, and the height of the die-cut steel wire should be reasonable at this moment.


4. There is an explosive line after the steel sheet underlays the paper, and the paper should be thinned at this moment.


5. When the pressure of the die-cutting machine is too high, the line will explode. At this moment, the pressure should be reduced to make the waste edge just separate.


6. The indentation mold or the bottom touch paper is too thick, the indentation is narrow, and the line is explosive. An indentation die of appropriate thickness should be selected, and the indentation width should be moderate.


7. Cut off the explosive lines where the accumulated paper dust accumulates in the slot. The operator should eradicate clean paper and foreign objects in time.

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