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Method to check the quality of laser cutting machine

Method to check the quality of laser cutting machine



The fiber metal sheet laser cutting machine can work continuously. The reasons why this equipment can work continuously are as follows:


1. Unlike some other equipment, the fiber laser cutting machine for stainless steel must be replaced with consumables within a certain period of time. The service life of the consumables to be replaced is in months. Under the premise of ensuring the cooling protection of the laser fiber cutting machine during the operation of the equipment, the laser cutting machine metal fiber can work continuously and can perform 24 hours a day processing.


2. It can be used to have several or more exchangeable workstations to be processed at the same time.after cutting a piece of material, it will automatically switch to the next piece of material for cutting; or another large-scale dne fiber laser cutting machine with effective cutting range large equipment, several steel plates or even more steel plates are placed on the working platform for unmanned automatic processing.


Cnc fiber laser cutting machine 3kw are developing rapidly, gradually replacing traditional metal cutting process equipment. Because of their obvious advantages, most desktop fiber laser cutting machine have no problems in continuous work, mainly depending on the equipment purchased at the time. Own quality problems, good quality determines long-term work efficiency.


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