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How much is the price of fiber laser cutting machine?

How much is the price of fiber laser cutting machine?


The price of fiber laser cutting machines has declined during the year of the epidemic. It is the same in many industries, and many things have been adjusted. There are expensive and cheap laser metal cutting machines. But overall, the price is not very expensive. But the customer asked the price of the fiber laser cutting as soon as they came, so we could not answer. I don't know how big the power is, and the types are also different. Han's super laser cutting machine has a variety of prices, so let more people know about it.


1. How much is the price of a fiber cutting machine

The price of a steel sheet cutting machine laser is determined according to the power and type. At present, the most popular domestic laser fiber cutting machine is the medium-thin sheet fiber laser cutting machine. This equipment is much more expensive than the old-fashioned punch, but the experience is very good, and the efficiency is many times better than that of the punch. The product currently on sale Inside, the price of Han's Super fiber laser cutting machine is generally about 200,000 to more than 1 million. Depending on the type, the price is different. The expensive ones are 3D laser cutting machines, large format, high power laser cutting machines. The more expensive ones cost millions. Generally speaking, the price of a fiber laser cutting machine can be affordable by ordinary laser processing companies.

2. Price selection of laser iron sheet cutting machine

There are many price options for metal fiber laser cutting machines, and the prices are different for different types. Generally, there are many choices of ordinary low-to-medium power (1000W-6000W) fiber laser cutting machines, which are generally equipped with automatic loading and unloading equipment and production, which can realize fully automated processing and save labor. The price of a complete set of laser cnc steel cutting machine is not too much. It's only a few hundred thousand yuan. This configuration will quickly payback. The output in one day is amazing. Is more than ten times the speed of the old-fashioned punch.

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