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Application of laser cutting in advertising industry

Application of laser cutting in advertising industry


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Advertising has always been the best stage for laser technology to show its unique characteristics. Here, laser technology can express different needs in a variety of ways, such as light, shadow, vocal, and action. The magical effect shows the characteristics of laser technology. Incisively. The application of signboards and signs is one of the main areas where laser processing technology is widely used. The promotion and application of laser engraving and cutting machines has injected new life into the advertising industry and pushed the development of signboards and signs to another application. peak. As the cost of laser cutting machines continues to decrease, the demand for laser cutting machines in the advertising industry is growing at a rate of more than 20% per year. According to statistics, the penetration rate of laser processing equipment in this industry is currently less than 5%. With the development of the scale of the industry, the alternative demand to upgrade the original tool processing equipment to laser cutting machines will accelerate and increase, and the advertising industry will generate in the future. The market demand for more than 50,000 laser cutting machines is about 28 times the current market size.

Fiber laser cutting machine cnc has the advantages of non-contact processing, high cutting accuracy, high flexibility and fast speed in the application of advertising industry. The advertising-specific laser cutting machine launched by Xintian Laser is aimed at cutting metal sheet in the advertising industry. High degree of automation, easy operation, high speed and efficiency, saving time and effort, is the best choice for processors in the advertising industry.


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