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Why we choose fiber laser cutting machine?

Why we choose fiber laser cutting machine?


The all-fiber laser has many notable features, which makes it show obvious advantages in many aspects.

1. The gain medium has a large surface area/volume ratio

fiber laser cutting machine uses fiber as the gain medium, which has a large surface area/volume ratio, which makes it have very good heat dissipation performance. Therefore, the gain medium of a very high power fiber laser in time will not be thermally damaged. Generally, there is no need to adjust the gain The medium takes special heat dissipation measures, while for other types of lasers, the heat dissipation of the gain medium needs to be considered. Therefore, this feature is unique to fiber lasers.


2. Excellent dual waveguide confinement mechanism

The high-power all-fiber laser uses double-clad active fiber. This double-clad fiber is a double-waveguide structure. The high-power multimode pump light is restricted to the larger inner cladding for transmission. The multi-mode pump light provides the conditions for the signal laser to be generated and transmitted in the core with a circularly symmetric waveguide structure with a small diameter. Under the limitation of the small core diameter fiber core waveguide, the signal laser can obtain ideal beam quality and A tribute to the extremely small light spot, which is an important feature of all-fiber lasers that is uniquely attractive. Among high-power lasers, there is no laser that can surpass it. Excellent beam quality and extremely small spot diameter are of great significance in laser applications, which can make the optical system of subsequent application equipment simpler, smaller in size, longer working distance, smaller laser focusing spot, and more efficient High, deeper processing depth, better processing quality, etc.

3. Inherent fully enclosed flexible light path

The optical path of the all-fiber laser is entirely composed of optical fiber and optical fiber components. The optical fiber and optical fiber components are connected by fiber fusion splicing technology, and the entire optical path is completely enclosed in the optical fiber waveguide. Once this natural fully enclosed light path is formed, it can form a system without additional isolation measures to achieve isolation from the external environment. Because the optical fiber is small and flexible, the optical path can be coiled and traveled along small pipes. Therefore, fiber laser cutting can work in harsh environments, and the output light can pass through narrow gaps or travel long distances along small pipes. transmission. These features have great advantages in industrial applications. The laser can not only adapt to the harsher working environment but also keep the laser away from the light-emitting point. The laser can be introduced to places that were difficult to reach before. It is very easy to move and change the light-emitting point. The processing point shares a laser, which can make the design of laser processing equipment more flexible and so on.

4. The optical path is maintenance-free

The optical path of the all-fiber laser is entirely composed of fibers and fiber components, and the fiber and fiber components are connected by fiber fusion technology. Therefore, once the optical path is formed, it forms a whole. The practice has proved that the connection structure and connection parameters formed in this way will be maintained for a long time. Stable, if the optical fiber and the optical fiber components themselves have long-term stability, the entire optical path will be stable for a long time without maintenance. It needs to be particularly pointed out that this maintenance-free feature is not impossible to maintain and repair. If necessary, the entire optical path can also be maintained and repaired. Therefore, it is comparable to the frequent maintenance and repair of gas and solid lasers. Compared with the maintenance-free characteristics of the optical path of the all-fiber laser, the maintenance-free characteristics of the optical path of the all-fiber laser are exceptional. Compared with the non-repairability of the semiconductor laser, the maintainability and repairability of the all-fiber laser have obvious advantages.

5. Long life

Using a single wide-emitting region semiconductor pump laser as the pump source of the fiber laser, the all-fiber laser has the characteristics of long life, so it is technically feasible to make a long life fiber laser with hundreds of thousands of hours.

6. Small size and light weight

Because the optical path of the all-fiber laser can be coiled, the optical path occupies a small space. In the case of using a single wide light-emitting area semiconductor pump laser as the pump source, the pump laser can be installed dispersedly and has good heat dissipation characteristics. In the case of high installation density, air cooling can be used. In the case of high installation density, only a small amount of water is required to meet the heat dissipation requirements. Therefore, the volume of the all-fiber laser is smaller than that of the gas and solid-state laser system of the same output power. , Lighter weight.

7. Water and electricity saving and cost-saving

Fiber laser has excellent thermal performance, high photoelectric efficiency, water and electricity saving, especially importantly, it can be used for long-term maintenance-free, which can save a lot of maintenance expenses and practice, and improve work efficiency.

8. The cost keeps decreasing

The optical path of the all-fiber laser is entirely composed of fibers and fiber components. Due to the easy availability of materials, fiber laser cutting machine price can be greatly reduced after the technology, products, and market are mature. In addition to the optical path, semiconductor pump lasers are the main part of the cost of fiber lasers. From the development history and experience of optical communications, with the development of technology and the continuous expansion of market capacity, the cost of semiconductor pump lasers has been greatly reduced. Will become an inevitable trend.

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