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Application of laser cutting machine in medical equipment industry

Application of laser cutting machine in medical equipment industry


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The medical device industry is a multi-disciplinary, knowledge-intensive, and capital-intensive high-tech industry with high barriers to entry. With the acceleration of the global integration process, the medical device industry has achieved rapid development. The continuous development of medical device science and technology, in order to make better new medical devices, not only requires technological innovation, but also more advanced processing methods and equipment. For companies specializing in the development, production, and sales of medical equipment ward equipment, pharmacy equipment, central supply room equipment, and sterilization and sterilization equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, the products are used to produce a large amount of sheet metal processing each year in equipment manufacturing.

With the introduction of new medical equipment and new products, the existing sheet metal processing equipment such as sheet shears, bending machines, punches, and turret punches can no longer meet the special cutting of a large number of sheet metal parts, many small batches of multiple products and early stage The development of products requires a lot of laser cutting in the process of production. Laser cutting is used more and more widely and deeply.

The application of laser cutting in the processing of medical equipment has the following advantages:

1. It can complete the processing of various complex structures;

2. It can be processed without the need for mold opening and drawing, which can quickly develop new products and save costs ;

3. Can complete the complex process requirements that CNC punching machine cannot complete;

4. The cutting surface is smooth, the product grade is improved, and no secondary processing is required.

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