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Laser cleaning machine applied to brazing and welding pretreatment

Laser cleaning machine applied to brazing and welding pretreatment


Laser cleaning technology is used to clean metal surfaces such as steel and aluminum. It is used as a pretreatment for welding surfaces. It includes automotive industry, precision tool production, shipbuilding and other industries. Laser cleaning removes the nozzles, ferrous and non-ferrous metal impurities on the metal, which makes the welding and brazing gaps of high quality, smooth and no pores, and obtains strong stability and quality. Good visible welds.



● Remove oil

● Degreasing

● Remove oxide layer

● Removal of hydrates

● Remove protective primer


Product advantages:

● Precise treatment of the welding surface within a wide range of material thickness

● The galvanized layer of the layer steel is not damaged in the timing

● Preliminary normal rating of 20mm thickness welding:

● Aluminum plate is about 5m / min.

● Removal of protective primer can reach 20m / min.

● The steel can be degreased and cleaned up to 10m / min.


In addition to brazing and welding preparations, welded joints can also be cleaned to remove thermal stains and welding residues, such as oxides and fluid material residues.

Laser cleaning is especially beneficial for stainless steel parts; the laser eliminates the grain boundaries and makes the weld passivation, thereby enhancing the corrosion resistance of the parts.

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