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RFL-1000 series laser 1

RFL-1000 series laser 1


Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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RFL-1000 series laser

(1)  Fiber laser technical specifications:

Optical parameterUnit
Operating modeCW,QCW
Central radiation wavelengthnm1070-1080
Standard output powerW1000
Beam qualityMm*mrad4
Modulation speedkHz5
Transmission fiber diameterμm≥50
Output power stability (long term)%±2
power supplyVAC220
Power consumption (including accessory   accessories)kW10


(1)  Main features:

• Excellent beam quality (BPP), constant BP over the full power range, and a small spot size with long focal length

• Special wavelength (1070nm), with unique ability to cut highly reflective materials such as aluminum, copper, brass

• Laser electro-optical conversion rate is about 25%, much larger than CO2 (<10%), which greatly reduces power loss.

• Laser transmission through optical fiber, basically no transmission loss

• Modular design, "plug and play", small size, easy to install, no need for laser and beam transmission system maintenance

• Pump source life > 100,000 hours

Precise beam quality with small divergence angle

The unique QCS connector design eliminates the disadvantages of adding a collimator lens when using QBH connectors in foreign products. The divergence angle is small and the maintenance is simple.

Unparalleled product life

Single-core junction semiconductor pump lasers are used as pump sources for fiber-optic inverters, and fiber lasers have long life characteristics.

Low power consumption, product maintenance free

Fiber lasers have excellent thermal performance, high electro-optic efficiency, water-saving and power-saving, and especially important for long-term maintenance-free use, which can save a lot of maintenance costs and time, and improve work efficiency.

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