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Application of laser cutting in home appliance industry

Application of laser cutting in home appliance industry


Laser cutting machines are mainly used in the electrical industry to cut thin steel plate parts in the appearance of sheet metal parts and the installation of complete sets of electrical components. Now, many electrical appliances factories have adopted this new technology to improve product quality and reduce production costs. In electrical products, metal sheet processing parts account for almost 30% of all product parts. The traditional cutting, corner-cutting, hole opening, and trimming processes are relatively backward, which directly affects product quality and production costs.


Application of fiber laser cutting machine in-home appliance industry

Laser cutting has the characteristics of higher cutting accuracy, resolution expansion, higher material efficiency, and production efficiency, especially in the field of fine cutting, which has advantages that traditional cutting can't match. In the manufacturing process of electrical appliances, there are many sheet metal parts and parts, complex shapes, and difficult processes. In the process of processing, a large number of laser cutting technologies are required. The only effective solution to the above problems in the electrical industry is to improve the processing quality of workpieces and save Processing time and processing costs, reducing the manufacturing cycle of products, reducing labor and processing costs, and significantly improving processing efficiency have important effects and values.

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