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The role of fiber laser welding machine in the development of new energy

The role of fiber laser welding machine in the development of new energy


In recent years, a new energy has been widely used, and the laser industry has made many applications for new energy, which has improved the production of new energy.

       1. High equipment efficiency;

       2. High product yield;

       3. The equipment runs stably and the failure rate is low;

       4. High degree of automation, 0-5 people per production line in the module section.


The laser welding energy is concentrated, the welding efficiency is high, the processing accuracy is high, and the welding seam aspect ratio is large. The laser beam is easy to focus, align, and be guided by optical instruments. It can be placed at an appropriate distance from the workpiece and can be re-guided between fixtures or obstacles around the workpiece. During the working process, the heat input of the laser beam is small, the heat-affected zone is small, and the residual stress and deformation of the workpiece are small to achieve the purpose of precise welding. Since the battery cells of power batteries follow the principle of "lightness", their materials are generally aluminum alloy and thinner. Therefore, the shell, cover, and bottom are generally required to be below 1.0 mm. The current basic material thickness of mainstream manufacturers is 0.8 mm. Around, it is very necessary to weld these sheets together with a metal laser machine.

Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in various electronic devices (such as mobile phones, notebook computers, PDAs, digital cameras, digital video cameras, etc.) due to their high specific energy, long cycle life, low self-discharge, no memory effect, and no pollution. As well as transportation tools (patrol cars, electric bicycles, electric vehicles, etc.), it has become a high-tech industry that my country's energy sector mainly supports.

Power battery refers to the battery used in electric vehicles. Compared with small-capacity batteries (such as mobile phones, notebook computer batteries, etc.), it has a larger capacity and output power and can be used in electric vehicle driving power and large mobile power applications. Secondary battery. There are many manufacturing processes for lithium-ion batteries or battery packs, and there are many processes, such as explosion-proof valve sealing welding, tab welding, soft connection welding, safety helmet spot welding, battery shell sealing welding, module, and PACK welding. Laser welding is required. The materials used for welding power batteries are mainly pure copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel.

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