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Correct operation of fiber laser cutting machine

Correct operation of fiber laser cutting machine


In the metal processing and manufacturing industry, many companies will use fiber laser cutting machines to help companies increase productivity and efficiency. Regarding the usual habits of laser cutting machines, we must maintain good switch machine habits. This can prevent errors and extend the service life and stability of the machine. The fiber laser cutting machine should be operated by a dedicated person. In the case of a multi-person operation, the main operator must be appointed and the startup and shutdown operations must be strictly performed. Next, I will introduce the correct operation of turning on and off the machine. Come and learn.


Boot sequence:

   1. Check whether there are items in the operating range of the machine tool that affects the safe operation of the machine tool;

   2. Turn on the main power switch of the fiber laser cutting machine and the control power switch of each branch;

   3. Turn on the voltage stabilizer and check whether the operating status of the voltage stabilizer is normal;

   4. Turn on the power switch of the fiber laser and let the fiber laser with its own air conditioner or internal desuperheater run for more than 30 minutes;

   5. Turn on the air compressor when the fiber laser is powered on for 20 minutes to check whether the air compressor is operating normally;

   6. Open the air circuit control valve, turn on the refrigeration dryer, check whether the refrigeration dryer is operating normally, and check whether the air pressure is normal;

   7. Open the cutting auxiliary gas control valve according to the cutting needs, and check whether the cutting auxiliary gas pressure is normal;

   8. Turn on the power switch of the machine tool and press the power button to start the machine tool control system. After the control system starts normally, the machine tool returns to the origin;

   9. Turn on the power switch and run the fiber laser for more than 30 minutes and then turn on the chiller and check whether the chiller is operating normally

   10. After the actual temperature of the high and low-temperature water of the chiller reaches the set temperature ±1℃, fiber optic laser cutter will be applied with high voltage, and check whether the fiber laser is operating normally;

   11. Turn on the exhaust fan or dust collector, check whether the operation of the exhaust fan or dust collector is normal, and the fiber laser cutting machine enters the state to be cut.

The correct shutdown sequence:

   1. Preparation before shutdown

    a. First move the cutting head to a high point, and stop the X and Y axes at a safe position.

    b. Exchange the workbench or stop at a safe position.

   2. Turn off the high voltage of the laser, turn off the low voltage of the laser, wait about 3 minutes and then turn off the main power of the laser (the laser can be turned off immediately). Turn off all the key switches on the laser electric cabinet and remove them for storage.

   3. Press the emergency stop button on the side of the machine control panel and turn off the key switch, then remove the key for storage. Exit the operation page of the numerical control system, and turn off the power of the main control panel of the machine tool when the page prompts that the power can be turned off.

   4. Turn off the power of the chiller and dryer.

   5. Turn off the regulated power supply.

   6. Turn off all cutting auxiliary gases before turning off the laser gas.

   7. Turn off the power supply of the air compressor and open the discharge valve of the air storage tank.

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