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Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine LX9TQA

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Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine LX9TQA
FOB Reference Price Range USD:
Model Number:
Lead time:
15-25 working days
Payment Term:
T/T;Alibaba trade assurance;West Union;Paypal;L/C
Machine Size:
2850*8850*2310mm/3350*10800*2310mm (About)
Machine Weight:
3 years
by land/by ship

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Creativity and Design

Wide cutting range, easy operation:

This machine can be used for various types of pipes: round pipes, square pipes, oval pipes,etc with multi-process cutting. Cutting range for round pipes diameter is Φ10mm-Φ86mm, square pipes diagonal is ≤82mm.

  1. The electronic control components adopt imported accessories,support 24-hour operation.
  2. Industry-specific operating system.Deep optimization, fast response, minimal operation,achieving the perfect combination of speed, function and stability.
  3. The acceleration reaches 1.6G, and efficiency is 5~6 times that of ordinary pipe cutting machines;

Small blind area of tailings, saving materials and reducing post-process:Normal cutting tail of the equipment is about 40mm, which greatly saves material loss.

Following-up cutting:Standard equipped with height controller, easy to handle for deformed pipes.

Automatic identification of head and tail material:The head and tail materials are automatically separated from the finished parts, reducing the manual sorting process.

Creativity and Design

Stable machine structure

Machine bed adopts strict welding and annealing process to ensure long-term stable operation and cutting accuracy of the equipment. After each welding seam of the bed is completed, an infrared flaw detector is used to detect whether there is a phenomenon of virtual welding or de-soldering, so as to ensure the welding quality. The unique constant temperature type bed stress relief annealing process is adopted. Each time the temperature rises by one degree, the temperature will be kept constant to ensure that the whole bed reaches the same temperature, and then the next stage of heating is carried out.After the multi-stage heating process, the machine bed will be cooled with the furnace, so as to ensure the elimination of residual stress in the weldings of the bed, stabilizing the bed size and shape, and ensure that the bed will not be deformed during the life cycle.

Creativity and Design

Fully automatic Loading

The machine can realize fully automatic feeding.It is only necessary to hoist the raw materials into the storage rack in batches: automatic loading → automatic feeding → automatic cutting → automatic blanking of the whole process.

square pipes, round pipes and elliptical pipes all can be fully automatic loading。

ast loading speed and high loading accuracy.

Creativity and Design

Equipped with profiling drag rollers to prevent pipe deformation and sagging.

Creativity and Design

Equipped with a universal high-precision pneumatic chuck, it solves the shortcoming that this type of pipe cutting machine needs to replace the fixture frequently, and can realize the cutting and processing of pipes of different specifications without changing the fixture.

Creativity and Design

The pneumatic chuck adopts a double-sided clamping mechanism, which increases the support points of the pipe during cutting process and improves the cutting accuracy.

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