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the benefits of using the c02 laser in cosmetic eye surgery

by:Lxshow     2020-03-05
Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Laser is a common equipment in hospital operating room, doctors have been using laser for many years.
But an eye facial plastic surgeon is one of the few people who use CO2 laser in eyelid plastic surgery ---
Cosmetic repair of eyelids-
Helping his patients to look and feel younger, less traumatic, and less recovery time.
\"A small number of doctors are using lasers for plastic surgery,\" said Jeffrey Schiller, MD . \" He has been using CO2 laser for upper and lower eye bags for more than 20 years.
\"The hospital has it and it is used by gynecologists, pedicure and general surgery.
I don\'t know why there will be more plastic surgeons who don\'t use it. \"Dr.
In early 1990, Schiller became an early adop of the CO2 laser, and he was immediately aware of the benefits that the laser provided during surgery and rehabilitation.
Graduates of Rutgers University
At the New Jersey Medical School, he has done more than 10,000 eyelid and facial beauty reconstruction operations.
He uses CO2 lasers in all cosmetic surgeries and most plastic surgeries.
Although lasers for beauty enhancement are often associated with improving the appearance of the skin by reducing pigmentation and eliminating blood vessels, CO2 lasers in eye bag shaping are used as cutting tools
Schiller said there are many advantages.
\"Bleeding, bruises and swelling are significantly reduced compared to the use of a surgical knife, which gives surgeons a greater ability to see areas being treated,\" the board said . \"
Certified surgeon, is a recognized leader in eye and facial beauty and reconstruction surgery.
\"When you bleed during a traditional operation, it is usually treated with a burning device, burning the tissue.
If you have a fair amount of bleeding, you have to do a fair amount of burning, which can lead to scars and complications. \"Dr.
Schiller also said that CO2 lasers reduce the chance of complications during surgery.
\"One of the most common complications of lower eyelid eye pouch plastic surgery is eyelid shedding or pulling down,\" he said . \".
\"Due to less bleeding using CO2 lasers, this is less likely to occur.
\"A decrease in bleeding also means a shorter time in the operating room.
\"You don\'t need to stop and burn often . \"Schiller said.
Eye bag Rhinoplasty reduces the pouch and sagging of the lower eyelid and removes the excess skin of the upper eyelid, making the patient look younger and fresher.
According to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, eyelid surgery is the third most common cosmetic surgery in 2012, and the number of people undergoing eyelid plastic surgery is increasing every year.
For eyelid plastic surgery patients, rapid recovery of normal activity is essential, and the recovery time using CO2 laser is shorter than that of traditional surgery, ranging from five to ten days compared to three to four weeks.
\"The patient looks natural and young . \"Schiller said.
\"Even their friends didn\'t know they had surgery. \"Laser-
However, for those with thick eyelids, surgery alone may not be the best option, such as in Asian patients.
In these cases, Dr.
Schiller said he chose to make the original cut with a surgical knife and use the laser to do the remaining slices. Dr.
Schiller, also known for his innovative technology, used a CO2 laser in lower eyelid shaping to lift the upper cheek to a depression below the eyelid to create dramatic regeneration of the middle eyelidface.
The rate of recovery for this operation is usually two to four weeks, depending on the range in which the laser removes fat and releases ligaments. Dr.
Professor Schiller, his country. of-the-
Art techniques by other plastic surgeons in the United States and five countries on two continents. Dr.
Schiller is a certified board member of the American Committee of ophthalmology and a member of the prestigious American Society of Plastic Surgery and reconstruction surgery for ophthalmology.
He has offices in Edison, Manhattan and Staten Island. Y.
More information about CO2 lasers-
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