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XFEL: UK signs up to super X-ray laser machine

by:Lxshow     2020-04-03
The UK has officially joined the European XFEL, a superbright X-ray laser.
The machine in Germany is high.
3 energy pulses focused on the target at the end. 4km-
Complex long tunnel. These X-
Ray shooting will destroy the target immediately, but like them, they will also capture its deepest structure.
Scientists will use machines on atomic scales to make movies of biological and chemical reactions
In countless applications
From these complex and detailed investigations, it is almost certain that new drugs and new materials with new features.
Dr. Alan Orville, who leads the team of British scientists preparing to use the facility, said that XFELs represents a paradigm shift in the study.
\"This is true: you use X-
\"Thunder pulse,\" he laughed.
\"But it doesn\'t matter, because the data is in X-
\"Light photons and they travel at the speed of light, while the samples only explode at the speed of sound,\" he told BBC News . \".
Many countries in the world use a circular machine called a synchronous accelerator to do similar work.
For example, large crystals of biological molecules are placed in tightly focused X-
Then the way the light is bent reflects the arrangement of the Zhongyuan in the target sample. But the X-
The light generated by linear XFEL is about a billion times brighter than the circular laboratory.
XFEL is also very different.
A fast time structure in which it flashes.
It will provide trillions (
1,000,000,000,000)of X-
Ray photons in pulses lasting only 50 microseconds (0.
000,000,000,000, 05 seconds). Two-thousand-seven-
Hundreds of these pulses are organized into bundles, and then hit the target at 10 times per second.
It allows time-
Investigation beyond the standard synchronous accelerator.
For example, scientists will stream small crystals in front of the beam with a jet and start them with another laser, so that the chemical reaction is triggered by a pulse at the right time.
\"We have developed a method called acoustic droplet injection (ADE)
Dr. Auville explained.
We squirt small drops. nano-litres-
Maybe it\'s a slight drop. litres-
Water drops of value
Enter the beam directly through air, or bring the droplets into the beam through a conveyor belt.
\"The beauty of the second system is that we start on a tape drive and put water droplets into the beam, which allows us to distinguish the time structure that triggers the reaction from the interaction.
So we can arrange a series of drops in a row.
With them to X-
They will grow older;
They move further into the reaction cycle.
XFELs allows scientists to watch high
Follow each step in complex catalytic processes, such as photosynthesis of plants.
Britain will hand over £ 30-
Front desk membership fee as part of Hamburg-
Based on XFEL, 2 will also be paid.
Operating costs 5 m per year.
But yes-
There are also contributions of goodwill.
The UK has launched an advanced camera called the big pixel detector.
It collects diffraction X-
Pass the ray photon of the sample at a speed of 4.
5 million frames per second.
At a ceremony in Berlin on Monday, the British ambassador to Germany, Sir Sebastian Wood, signed the membership document.
As early as 2007, the European XFEL project was approved for the first time. Britain said it wanted to become a shareholder, but the desire was almost immediately knocked down by the global financial crisis.
A renewed commitment was made in 2014, and now the signing of Berlin has made this commitment concrete.
Overseeing the organization of British sciencethe UKRI (
Research and Innovation in the UK)-
Recently launched a road
Mapping work aimed at determining which facilities the state should participate in at home and abroad.
The key is to identify long
European terminology preferences such as XFEL, LHC and the upcoming giant astronomical telescope called the Square Kilometer Array.
\"We want our investment to be thoughtful and Long-term.
\"The term basis,\" said Dr. Brian Bowell, chief executive of the Science and Technology Facilities Committee under the Royal Society.
\"In the past, I thought we might have reacted to the events but didn\'t see them in a round of matches.
I think the development of the infrastructure roadmap will be very helpful to the British scientific community.
British science minister Sam Gyimah said: \"The incredible XFEL will be using the world\'s most powerful X-ray machines.
With our international partners, Super
Strong lasers will help to develop new medical and treatment methods that could save thousands of lives around the world.
\"Through our modern industrial strategy, we are investing an additional £ 4.
7bn investment in research and development.
I am determined to continue to ensure our status as a world --
Leaders in science, research and innovation, and I can\'t wait to see the results of our involvement in this extraordinary project.
\"British scientists can\'t just discover in Hamburg and expect to get beam time on XFEL.
They have to make money.
Now, there are more than 50 groups across the country working with Dr. Orville at the Diamond Sync Accelerator Center in Havel, Oxfordshire, UK.
His aim was to make their bid for Beam time as compelling as possible.
\"Diamond XFEL hub has multiple roles: we will help you describe the properties of the sample;
We will help you with the preliminary data.
We will help you to make suggestions for peer review.
We will even help you collect data if you have beam time.
We started with the experiment all the way to publishing, \"Dr Orville told BBC News.
The UK hopes to soon establish a fiber link between Hamburg and Havel in order to bring the data collected in XFEL back to the UK center for instant analysis. Jonathan. Amos-INTERNET@bbc. co.
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