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by:Lxshow     2020-08-11

Most manufacturers of potato chips machine offer the entire range of machines from large ones for large manufacturers to smaller ones for standalone businesses. The potato chips machine is usuallydesigned as per strict quality standards stipulated by health authorities like the US FDA using food grade materials like stainless steel. With increasing health awareness among consumers companies today offer innovative solutions for potato chips machine that creates crisp potato chips using less fat.

Usually the potato chips machine will have facility for peeling, cutting, frying and seasoning of the potato chips as a single machine or separate components depending on the length of the production line. The machines usually slice high quality potatoes in the requisite oval shape. These are then blanched for a few minutes to avoid oxidation in boiling water and then spread on trays Excess water is removes using centrifugal machine and then the chips are fried in edible oil for a few minutes. Fried chips are kept on a sieve to drain oil and then again extra oil is removed through a centrifugal extractor. The fried chips are then flavored with seasoning pass through inspection for quality control and then sealed and packed in packets.

The process described above is a standard one and you can get a better potato chips machine fabricated as per your requirements. Just remember to get a warranty and maintenance support from the potato chips machine manufacturer so that your machine gets regular servicing and you face minimum downtime for best results.

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