by:Lxshow     2020-02-26
Hello frienddsi has made an automatic cutting machine using Arduino Nano controller board.
There are basically 3 process levels for this machine, like 1)
The first process is to enter the input like the wire length and the number of wires provided by pressing the button, and the real-time data can also be read on 16x2 ld2)
Processing all inputs are processed by the arduino nano and instructions are issued to the stepping motor to feed the wires of the required length and to indicate the number required for the servo mechanism to cut. 3)
The output stepping motor, servo motor and tool are the final output components. The following are the required materials :-motor :-driver :-x 2 LCD :-motor :-:-terminal :-buttons :-
Prepare the PCB layout in fritzing software, then design the PCB and export its gerber file. The gerber file uploaded to Jlcpcb.
Com to order the PCB as soon as you receive it, you need to weld some of the lead pins to install the arduino nano, the LCD display and the A4988 driver also solder the PCB terminals, connect the power to the PCB, and connect the stepping motor to the PCB.
Once all the components are available, you can start assembling the machine.
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