What industry is the automatic fiber laser cutting machine widely used in?

by:Lxshow     2021-05-31

There are many standards that affect the quality of a fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine, but which ones are the most influential or can best reflect the quality of the laser tube cutting machine? Here are a few major indicators, through these indicators, can help you better judge the quality of a machine.

1. Roughness. The laser cutting section will form vertical lines. The depth of the lines determines the roughness of the cut surface. The shallower the lines, the smoother the cut section. In most cases, it is necessary to reduce the roughness as much as possible, so the shallower the grain, the higher the cutting quality.

2. Verticality. If the thickness of the pipe exceeds 10mm, the verticality of the cutting edge is very important. When away from the focus, the laser beam becomes divergent. Depending on the position of the focus, the cutting becomes wider toward the top or bottom. The more vertical the edge, the higher the cutting quality.

3. Cutting width. Generally speaking, the cutting width does not affect the cutting quality. The cutting width has an important effect only when a particularly precise contour is formed inside the component. This is because the cutting width determines the minimum inner warp of the contour. When the thickness of the pipe increases, the cutting width also changes. The increase.

4. Lines. When cutting thick plates at high speed, the molten metal will not appear in the cut below the vertical laser beam, but will spray out at the rear of the laser beam. As a result, curved lines are formed on the cutting edge, and the lines closely follow the moving laser beam. In order to correct this problem, reducing the feed rate at the end of the cutting process can greatly eliminate the formation of lines.

5. glitch. The formation of burrs is a very important factor that determines the quality of laser cutting. Because the removal of burrs requires extra work, the severity and amount of burrs can intuitively judge the quality of the cutting.

6. Material deposition. During the cutting process, the surface of the incision may form surface deposition, and the amount of deposited material can also tell the quality of the laser pipe cutting machine.

7. Depression and corrosion. Concavity and corrosion have an adverse effect on the surface of the cutting edge, not only affecting the appearance of the pipe fittings, but also causing cutting errors, making the pipe fittings unusable.

8. Heat affected zone. In laser cutting, the area near the incision is heated, and the structure of the metal changes. For example, part of the metal will harden. The heat-affected zone refers to the depth of the area where the internal structure changes.

Correct use of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

Currently, the latest type of laser cutting equipment used in the world is the optical fiber. It can be output by the laser beam with high energy density. Focus the laser beam on the surface of the workpiece, so that the work will instantaneously realize the materialization and vaporization of the equipment, so that the purpose of automatic cutting will be achieved. Compared with the gas laser machine, the automatic fiber laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in cutting, and has become the most important equipment in the field of high-precision laser processing and the laser island system.

Fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine can be used for cutting sheet metal. Whether it is bevel cutting or round tube cutting, very high-precision cutting requirements can be achieved, and the cutting edges can be more neat and smooth. Moreover, the automatic fiber laser cutting machine has advantages in consumables, work efficiency and environmental protection, so it can be called a leading technology product. So, how to use the fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine correctly?

1. When using a fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine, always clean its guide rails, wipe the rack of the equipment frequently, and apply lubricating oil on the guide rails to ensure that there is no debris.

Second, the motor ring should also be regularly cleaned and cleaned of lubricating oil, which is beneficial to ensure the operation of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, and can also cut accurately to ensure the quality of the cutting product.

3. Every week, the equipment management personnel must vacuum the dust and debris from the machine, and ensure that all electrical cabinets are dust-proof. Finally, if you want to ensure the service life of the fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine, you need to check the straightness and verticality of its track every six months, and if it is found to be abnormal, it must be maintained and debugged in time.

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