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What are the main advantages of fiber laser cutting machine?

by:Lxshow     2021-06-23

The amplifier developed by using doped rare earth elements has brought revolutionary changes to the field of light wave technology. Since any optical amplifier can be formed by an appropriate feedback mechanism, the fiber laser cutting machine can be developed on the basis of the amplifier. The fiber laser cutting machine developed at present mainly adopts rare earth-doped as the gain medium. Because the fiber core in the fiber laser cutting machine is very thin, it is easy to form a high power density under the action of the pump light, causing the energy level of the working substance to 'number inversion'. Therefore, when a positive feedback loop (to form a resonant cavity) is properly added, oscillation can be formed. In addition, because the matrix has a very wide fluorescence spectrum, the fiber laser cutting machine can generally be made tunable, which is very suitable for WDM system applications.

Compared with semiconductor devices, the superiority of fiber laser cutting machine is mainly reflected in: Fiber laser cutting machine is a waveguide structure, can accommodate strong pumping, has high gain, high conversion efficiency, low threshold, The output beam quality is good, the line width is narrow, the structure is simple, and the reliability is high. It is easy to realize the coupling. We can classify fiber laser cutting machines from different perspectives. For example, according to the structure of the resonant cavity of fiber laser cutting machines, they can be divided into two categories: Fabry-Perot cavity and ring cavity. It can also be divided into single wavelength and multi-wavelength according to the number of output wavelengths. For the characteristics of different types of fiber laser cutting machines, the following points should be considered: (1) The threshold should be as low as possible; (2) The linearity of the output power and the pumping optical power is better; (3) The output polarization state; (4) Mode structure; (5) Energy conversion efficiency; (6) Working wavelength of the device.

1. Waveguide structure

These characteristics determine that the silicon-based fiber laser cutting machine can work at a low power in a continuous output state, while other bulk glass media fiber laser cutting machines generally can only Working in a pulsed state often requires a relatively high pump energy to obtain laser output. The cylindrical structure of the optical fiber also has the following two advantages, which is convenient for applications in optical power and medicine.

(1). Since the fiber laser cutting machine is essentially an optical fiber structure, it can be connected with the current optical fiber transmission system with a higher pot efficiency.

( 2). Because the optical fiber structure is small and easy to operate, it is ideal in some medical applications, such as deep into the human stomach.

In fact, fiber laser cutting machine based on fiber structure makes certain devices possible. We can use the advantages of the directional pot to get a beam splitter in the form of an optical fiber. This is very beneficial to avoid diffraction loss when connecting optical fiber systems. In this way, the splitting of light waves can be completed without leaving the form of optical fibers. Using this feature, all-fiber reflectors, interferometers and resonant cavities can be formed. The design of this fiber laser cutting machine makes low shut-off operation, wavelength tuning and narrow spectral line output possible. An important property of the rare-earth-doped fiber laser cutting machine is that its output spectral characteristics are significantly affected by the molecular environment around the doped ions. This property gives rise to two available properties. One is that the indicated wavelength can be adjusted by changing the composition of the matrix glass. The second is that when the substrate is glass, wider fluorescence can be observed.

Fiber laser cutting machine can provide many output wavelengths, some of which are very important for optical communication. The wavelength of the output light is determined by the rare earth element ions doped into the core. On the spectral range 1. 33f4m and 1. The output of 55flm wavelength is the most important because they correspond to the two low loss windows of optical communication. 1. The output operation of 55 Ω m can use semiconductor devices as the pump source, which means that valuable laser output can be realized at a lower cost. At present, the use of fiber laser cutting machine has obtained the laser spectral line output in the range of 2-3 cm. The output of this band has potential application value in the lower loss mid-infrared communication.

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