What are the important requirements for purchasing fiber laser cutting machines?

by:Lxshow     2021-05-19

Before purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, the first thing to think about is what workpiece to produce and process. Customers with different needs have different requirements regarding the application materials and processing methods of the production products, so you must think about production. What is the product?

  Since the operation function of the fiber laser cutting machine is also related to the input of manpower and technology in the production, while investing in this aspect, it naturally increases the input For the old, there are many different classifications in the current operation. Therefore, if it is professional processing, it may be a large number of workpiece processing, or you should consider purchasing a pipe bender that is easy to master, because it reduces the staff's grasp at the same time. The number of products and the content of technical inputs naturally cut back on production costs.

Techniques for reducing noise of fiber laser cutting machine

Before inquiring about how to reduce the noise disturbed by the all-active terminal machine, we can first inquire about the all-active terminal Because of the noise of the machine product! The noise in the terminal machine is much more than the original one. On the one hand, it may be caused by the tool touch, and it may also be caused by the shortcomings of the technology. In any case, the presence of murmur is definitely a risk, so it is imperative to reduce the noise of the machine.

After experiencing the explanation of the reason, if we want to avoid the terminal machine being disturbed by the noise, we must choose a reasonable tool at the beginning, and improve the accuracy of its installation; at the same time, it must be a satisfactory terminal machine The cutting process, if it is a long workpiece, even if it takes 90 degrees to cut. In this way, the noise problem of the terminal machine should be alleviated.

Fiber laser cutting machines make up for various types of fiber laser cutting machines in the past in cutting accuracy, cutting results, saving labor, improving work obedience, reducing production costs, and reducing worker tasks. The lack of strength of all parties has not only increased the competition for the products of the pipe processing enterprises, but also saved a substantial production cost for the pipe processing enterprises. Let’s take a look at the different user experiences of this fiber laser cutting machine:

1. The fiber laser cutting machine adopts dual control of CNC feeding and machine positioning. , The cutting accuracy can reach 0.05 mm; and the code word is smooth and smooth without burrs, and no secondary processing is required.

2. Actively feeding materials one after another, without dead ends and tails, one person can drive multiple machines; it saves a large number of manpower resources for the enterprise.

3. Self-reliant double oil clamps, prevent the big pipe from spinning, and reduce the environment of blasting saw blades; it saves a large number of consumables for the enterprise. Self-regulation of the pressure of clamping and lowering of the knife, prevention of workpiece deformation, pinch injury, indirectly saves another piece of material cost for the enterprise.

4. The blanking adopts double cylinders to ensure that the rectangular tube does not change the direction of the lower tube, and the fixed shape is cut without burrs.

5. Adopt the intelligent control system to identify the ends and ends of the material and cut off, which is very advantageous for short tube cutting, actively measures the length of the raw material (workpiece), and actively counts. Reduced the task intensity for the operator and strengthened the activeness of the staff!

The production history of fiber laser cutting machine

Wire harness processing includes its electrical function, material destructibility, temperature resistance, etc., which are higher than the requirements of ordinary wiring harness , It is particularly related to safety: For example, it is biased to control the system and brake the tight parts of the wiring harness, and request more harsh wiring harness processing. The standard of wiring harness disposal depends on the crimping rate. The calculation of crimping rate requires extra equipment, as well as the wiring harness one-sided tester developed by the manufacturer. Harness is very useful for trying to pass the crimping of the wiring harness. detector. The purpose of tying the car cable in the vehicle is to transmit or exchange the electric signal or data signal of the electrical system to complete the functions and requirements of the electrical system. It is the main body of the car circuit, and there is no wiring in an environment without a wiring harness. The planning process and production process of automotive wiring harnesses are relatively complicated, and the wiring harness engineers are requested to be careful and not careless. If the wiring harness plan is different and the function of each component cannot be combined, the wiring harness may become a more common obstacle to the car.

The reason for the large noise of the fiber laser cutting machine

It is very common to have small noises, if it is very hot, do you have these two? Kind of doubt, a. A certain part or part of the terminal machine was found to be worn out, which caused the debate to increase; b. The screw of the terminal machine was loose during the work, causing a sensational heave of the parts.

What we have to do to find such a question is to find the handling skills. If we want to avoid the terminal machine from being disturbed by the noise, we must start with a reasonable tool and improve its equipment Accuracy; At the same time, the cutting process of the terminal machine must be perfect. If the workpiece is long, it can be cut at 90 degrees. In this way, the noise problem of the terminal machine should be alleviated.

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