What are the advantages of fiber lasers?

by:Lxshow     2021-07-19

The fiber laser has a waveguide structure, which can generate a higher power density in the fiber core. The silicon optical fiber technology it is based on is now very mature, so high-precision, low-loss optical fibers can be produced. If the choice of fiber makes the pump and signal wavelengths operate in a single-mode operating state, the coincidence between the pump and signal light fields is very good. Due to the geometrical characteristics of the optical fiber, this structure has a high area-to-volume ratio, so its heat dissipation effect is good.

These characteristics determine that the silicon-based fiber laser can work in a continuous output state under lower power pumping, while other bulk glass-based lasers can generally only work in a pulse state. , Often requires quite high pump energy to obtain laser output.

The cylindrical structure of optical fiber also has the following two advantages, which is convenient for applications in optical communication and medicine.

(1) Since the fiber laser is essentially a fiber structure, it can be connected with the current fiber transmission system with higher efficiency.

(2) Because the optical fiber structure is small and easy to operate, it is ideal in some medical applications, such as deep into the human stomach.

An important property of rare earth-doped ion lasers is that their output spectral characteristics are significantly affected by the molecular environment around the doped ions. This property can be used in two ways. One is that the wavelength can be adjusted by changing the composition of the matrix glass; the other is that when the matrix is u200bu200bglass, a wider fluorescence can be observed.

Fiber lasers can provide many output wavelengths, some of which are very important for optical communications. The wavelength of the output light is determined by the rare earth element ions doped into the core.

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