What are the actual cutting effect factors of fiber laser cutting machine?

by:Lxshow     2021-05-23

In the processing of fiber laser cutting machine, the laser emitted by the laser is converged into a point (focus) by the collimation and focusing lens of the cutting head, and the operator must ensure that the processed laser beam is in the center of the nozzle , And adjust the distance between the nozzle and the surface of the plate (depending on the thickness of the plate). The nozzle sprays high-pressure gas and cooperates with the laser beam to complete the cutting operation. The main influencing factors are as follows:

   Focus diameter: small diameter, narrow incision, small cutting thickness; large diameter, wide incision, large cutting thickness.

   Focus position: determines the size of the spot on the surface of the workpiece and the shape of the incision; the appropriate position depends on the type and thickness of the material.

   Power: Affects the thickness of the laser cut sheet; affects the processing efficiency and the amount of deformation.

  Cutting speed: It needs to be matched with power, gas flow, etc. If it is too small, it will cause impermeability or the formation of burrs.

   nozzle diameter: small diameter, suitable for thin plate cutting; large diameter, suitable for thick plate cutting.

   Gas: The purity of the gas affects the formation of burrs and the oxidation of the cutting surface; the gas flow, the thinner the plate, the greater the pressure.

   Beam mode: The fiber laser cutting machine has a good effect in the cutting of single-mode thin plates. The multi-mode light spot is large and the energy distribution is even. It is suitable for thick plate cutting.

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