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Vibrating feeder can feed block or granule materials

by:Lxshow     2020-04-26
The Vibrating feeder is the machinery often used by ore production enterprise. Hongxing heavy industry will tell you how to use the Vibrating feeder correctly. There are five following Notes. First, don't put anything on the Vibrating feeder when the machine is started. In this way, the motor will burn out because of too much pressure. Therefore, do check if there is something on the Vibrating feeder when you start it every time. If something is on the Vibrating feeder, you must clear off and then start the machine. Second, the Vibrating feeder relies on belt conveyor to transfer materials, so be sure to check whether the belt is intact, whether loose or not, and whether the degree of tightness is proper. Only when everything is normal, the performance of the machine can be brought into full play and the production will reach a maximum without damaging machine. Third, various parts of the Vibrating feeder transfer power ba the gears and chains. It is necessary to make these gears and chains keep maximum lubrication so as the machine will not be damaged because of the lack of lubrication. Forth, ore production makes a great deal of dust, which will make the control box of the Vibrating feeder accumulate large amount of dust. If this persists, it will make the internal circuit become short- circuited and will damage the electrical circuits and other parts. Remember to clean the dust in the control box at regular intervals. Fifth, the main driving force of the Vibratory feeder is the motor whose speed is very high. So you should use a reducer to slow down in the transmission of power. In the usual application, remember to check if the motor and reducer are normal. It is also necessary to do regular maintenance on the gear of the reducer with gear oil. Cement production line : http://www.china-crusher.com/stone-production-line.html Impact stone crusher : http://www.hxjq-crushers.com/6.htm Ore spiral classifier : http://www.hxjq-crushers.com/15.htm
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