Use of wire rope to hoist winding drum or traction

by:Lxshow     2020-06-26
Basic structure electric winch from the engine, transmission, roller, operating agencies and chassis and other components. Operation, the engine's power by the clutch, gearbox and other transmission roller, drive roller rotation, so that the rope reel has a certain velocity and traction to move the load. There are two engines: the power supply to facilitate the log yard operations often use motors; in cutting operations in the multi-use internal combustion engines. The number of rolls according to operational requirements of the decision, there is monocular, binocular, three-cylinder and multi-tube types. The electric winch was developed in China more than the double-barrel and three barrel. Cable electric winch drum rope capacity machine large, usually 500 to 1000 meters, steel wire rope velocity is greater, in addition to more than 2 reel configuration, the also has friction drum. Loading electric winch drum rope capacity machine small, generally 50 to 200 meters, rope velocity is small, often with two rolls. Single drum electric winch was only a one-way traction, mainly for wood and other auxiliary operations, or a small concentration of one-way lifting, pulling operations. Smooth multi-layer winding drum are large rope capacity to adapt to the needs of the friction surface is generally shaped drum. In order to be able to work independently of each reel, also has a separate clutch and drum brake drum. Brake also played the role of speed control. Some cable electric winch is also equipped with a fan speed control device, use the fan to overcome the air resistance to reduce the energy consumption speed reel to achieve some speed control purposes. Clutch and brake drum by the gear lever or hydraulic control. The electric winch was fixed by sub-chassis type and self-propelled two categories: fixed electric winch to frame sledge for the chassis, operating when the wire rope fixed to the ground near the roots or the wood pile; Self-winch tractors, car or other vehicle chassis as the chassis, operating down leg brace to the time necessary to take temporary reinforcement. The electric winch was the main technical performance parameters: roll number, reel maximum traction, drum rope capacity, speed rope sports. Trends since the 70s of the 20th century, with the hydraulic lifting machinery and equipment widely used in forest areas, a simple electric winch for loading machine production has gradually decreased, but more in the mountainous forest areas in some countries, cable the output of electric winch remains high. Cable positive self-propelled electric winch direction: the major developments in Europe to agriculture or forestry tractor chassis-based small and medium self-propelled electric winch; in the United States and Canada to develop cranes, excavators and a large traction vehicles chassis self-propelled and equipped with steel electric winch bar. China is developing, the small self-propelled electric winch machine. Meanwhile, the electric winch control gradually to the remote machine direction.
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