Tube auxiliary centering mechanism of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-14

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine tube help relief mechanism, including a base, one side of the base is equipped with a cylinder mechanism, the cylinder mechanism continues to have an openable ring frame, the ring frame continues to have two rings A pneumatic buckle assembly with a diffused center of the frame. The pneumatic buckle assembly continuously has a torsion assembly. The torsion assembly includes two semi-circular plates. Each semi-circular plate has a constant holding block. The front end of the clamping block is equipped with a roller. This new model has the advantages of simple layout, safe and reliable, and clear results.

Dust extraction assembly, including a constant frame fixed on the bottom surface of the galvanometer mounting plate of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine and a continuous push-pull box that is detachable from the constant frame , The push-pull box and the invariable frame behave continuously. The push-pull box is provided with a laser through hole and a dust outlet, and the invariable frame and the push-pull box are surrounded by a dust extraction cavity; this new model also provides an automatic fiber laser cutting machine , Including the galvanometer mounting plate and dust extraction assembly. The galvanometer mounting plate is provided with a mounting through hole effective for mounting the galvanometer. The dust extraction assembly continues on the bottom surface of the galvanometer mounting plate. The laser through hole is located directly below the mounting through hole. An opening tooth is arranged on the galvanometer mounting plate, and the dust outlet is located directly below the opening tooth. When the dust assembly is destroyed, compared with the invariable frame, the push-pull box is pulled out, so that the push-pull box is distinguished from the invariable frame, and then the push-pull box is washed to accelerate the rate of destruction. During assembly, compare with the push-pull box of the invariable frame. That is, it is spared the time-consuming disassembly and assembly of the push-pull box, thereby improving the manufacturing compliance during successive manufacturing.

Fully active high and low material part-time station for automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including a degree of pair of guide rails and a second pair of guide rails, the pair of guide rails and the second pair of guide rails are arranged parallel to each other The pair of guide rails and the second pair of guide rails are also equipped with a pair of rail beams to a degree, the extension of the rail beams is perpendicular to the extension of the pair of rails/the second pair of rails; the layout of this discovery is simple and easy to complete The process of unloading, transshipment, inspection, loading, laser cutting and unloading of plates.

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