Touch alarm device for automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-14

An armor-type protective assembly for an automatic fiber laser cutting machine. A protective cover is arranged around the cutting area at the front end of the cutting machine. The protective cover is assembled by welding metal plates. The front end of the protective cover is embedded with a control door, and the left side of the protective cover There is a geometrical protective window that can be opened and closed independently. The right side of the protective cover is embedded with a survey window. Both the protective window and the survey window are equipped with dark green eye protection. The geometric proximity sensor is installed inside the protective cover, and the continuous controller is close to the sensor. The advantages of this new type of application are: it can intercept sparks splashing during cutting, prevent non-part-time employees from entering the mechanical operation area and cause damage, and the metal plate at the bottom can better protect the assembly from dust damage.

An automatic fiber laser cutting machine actively exchanges a part-time table. The part-time table is equipped with an alignment assembly. The alignment assembly is a positioning pin, and the positioning pin is configured in the material The docking place between the frame area and the part-time table is welded to the part-time table, and the front end of the positioning pin is wedge-shaped. The benefits of this new type of application are shown in: Experience the configuration of wedge-shaped positioning pins, which can realize the active alignment of the trough during feeding, the layout is simple, and the result is obvious, preventing the deviation of the trough from being found, affecting the cutting process, and improving part-time compliance .

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