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Today the application of laser has been grown

by:Lxshow     2020-06-16
A fiber laser is demonstrated and tuning mechanism of fiber laser uses an SU-8 fiber gripper for automatic alignment of a multimode and gold-coated fiber mirror. Wavelength tuning is achieved using the wavelength dependent re-imaging effect that occurs in multimode fiber. There are many applications of it which are as follow: Micromachining Welding Cutting Marking Drilling Micromachining: Micromachining is defined as a fabrication technique to drill, skive, strip, mill, cut plastics, ceramics, glass and thin metals with dimensions and tolerances is in microns. Overall it is the application which can provide us very fine work on very small instruments used in medical industry. Welding:Welding is a fabrication process which is generally used for joining two metals. But in laser welding we can join multiple metals with the help of Laser. In this Welding the source of the heat is concentrated and continues therefore it helps to emits high heat which increases the rate of welding. Cutting: Laser Cutting is one of the best techniques used for cutting; it is typically used for cutting the metals and specifically used in metal processing industry. In this Cutting is very time efficient process and also it reduces the hard Work. High power technology helps to ensure the most accurate cutting capabilities. Marking: Laser marking is the technique in which the marking is done on the objects such as metals, carbide, steel, etc. This Marking is an ideal for manufacturing environments and custom production workspaces. It provides deeper engraving onto harder substrates of metals. Drilling: Due to the excellent focusability, lasers are almost perfectly suited for the drilling of very fine holes. Laser drilling helps to produce drill holes on the substrate of metals. Laser drilling of holes generally occurs through melting and vaporization.
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