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The drawback of the laser treatment is that the unwanted hair doesn't completely disappear. It requires a lot of treatments to get the best results, which means you would end up spending a lot of money. Some risks might need to be taken if you want to push forward with the treatment. Patients with certain skin types may suffer scarring and pigment changes. A patient may suffer burns and blisters if the person doing the procedure is not careful or trained properly.

Lasers target the melanin pigment in the hair follicle. As laser is flashed across the skin, the skin's lightly colored surface is ignored by the it, but the dark follicle gets beaten up by it. Generally, about 30 to 75 percent of hair will permanently be removed by one year after a series of treatments. Managing the hair that remains after the treatment would not anymore be an arduous task since the hair would be light and fine.

Most cases require four to six treatments which should be given in a three month time span before any improvement can be spotted. That's because the lasers target only growing hair, and at any given time, a number of body hairs are dormant or dead. Catching as many hairs as possible in the process of growth would require repeated treatments. Go to this site for further information on laser hair removal revesby.

Laser hair removal is best suited for patients with light skin and dark hair. Moreover, because lasers target pigment, they often don't work well on people with dark or tanned skin. The reason is that the laser can't distinguish between the melanin in the hair and the melanin in the skin. Those with dark skin would often receive blisters, burns, and scars as a result of the treatment. A test patch is done by reputable doctors to see whether the treatment will work on a patient's skin and hair.

If your skin does not burn easily but tans, then find someone who specializes in removing hair on dark skin. Though a doctor may know how to handle dark skinned patients, the procedure he does will still take a long time and it would not be as effective as with lighter skinned patients. Those with tanned skin should not have hair removed. While dermatologists and plastic surgeons would be the most reliable in carrying out the procedure, you will find that even spas, dentists, and doctors offer the same kind of treatment, often at discounted prices.

Experts advise patients not to go to spas, but to consult a doctor or medical worker for the treatment. A laser hair removal procedure should either be done by doctors or should be supervised by doctors, as this is the requirement in several states. Though a wide array of benefits can be gained from the use of the laser, these high intensity light beams are also threatening to a person's safety. 50 percent of dermatologists mentioned in a recent survey that they do damage repair on those who have been affected by the laser in laser hair removal.

People describe the sensation during the treatment as what you feel when your skin is snapped against by a rubber band. An indicator of the procedure not being done correctly is the amount of pain you experience in the treatment. It's not fun, but it's less than a shot. Cooling sprays and gels are often employed by doctors. Red or crusty skin would form afterward, but this would be gone in a short while.

Regarding the cost for the laser removal treatment, it would all depend on the part to be treated and how much hair it has. While a session for bikini line hair removal would cost as much as $700, this is nothing compared to back hair removal which would cost as much as $1,000. The minimum number of sessions needed by some patients is 8 to 10.

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