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The usage of granites is not new, Greeks were

by:Lxshow     2020-08-03

Over years, the main usage of granite has remained exactly same but with revolutionary technologies, the methods and tools to cut and polish the stone have been altered drastically. For cutting and shaping the stone to polish and Marble Cleaning Los Angeles, the tools and techs have been transformed to provide easier, faster and more effective results. These days, fabricators use different techs and equipment to get you desired outcomes. Details about the main and fundamental machines are as follows.

The Saw

Different saws like diamond wire saws and other types of saws are used by the fabricators to cut the blocks of granite into slabs, and to give these slabs desired shapes bridge saws are used. Such saws use spherical metal blades mottled with diamonds to cut the stones. During the cutting procedure, water is drizzled over the blades that act like a coolant. The designing expert- bridge saws are available in various configurations and sizes, and can be operated by a set programmed controller.

Polishing Machines

Polishing machines are used to get the mirror finish to the granite slabs. These slabs are then placed under the gigantic machines which spin at immense speeds surfaced with particular abrasive substances. The whole procedure eliminates the roughness from the slabs and adds natural sheer making slabs' surface look glossy and polished. These machines are capable to bring different finished to the slabs, from hammer to tumbled finish and from flamed to mirror finish.


These, routers machines are used to get desired designs and to bring finish to the edges of slabs. The process is mainly opted for fireplaces and hearths.

Computer Numerical Control

The complete shaping procedure is controlled and managed by CNC i.e. Computer Numerical Control. With the usage of CNC granite can be easily and effectively shaped resulting in improved quality.

Once done with the fabrication, the products are transported and mounted. Careful measures are necessary to be taken in order to prevent the finished edges and surface of the products.

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