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the \"tradition\" continues to build.

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Discharge processing (EDM)
Still non-
Traditional processing with laser, stereo forming, plasma and water
Jet cutting in most directory lists.
The problem with these catalogues is simple: EDMing is rapidly becoming the hottest tradition in the field of cutting metals, composites and derivatives.
EDMs now replaces more \"traditional\" processing technologies every year.
Moreover, this trend continues, not only in the traditional market ---
Tooling, molding tools, mold cavity and EDM machining--
However, the EDMs sold today are usually acquired by a manufacturing workshop of a Fortune 500 company. Why?
Because EDM is now considered a highly complex production technology, it is easy to adapt to many manufacturing environments, and in addition to higher volume requirements, it is a viable alternative to other \"traditional\" processing technologies
Just a few years ago, in the US market, it was difficult to find many EDMs in certain industries or in certain applications.
But there are only a few examples of the reasons for this change: with 32-
\"Fuzzy Logic\" in V-of bit control\"
Mitsubishi EDM\'s sinker series is a new concept for EDM that adapts to today\'s era of automation and unattended.
Fuzzy logic control contains operational control rules and alternatives that automatically correct the ambiguity inherent in human reasoning and action.
Fuzzy logic control provides a processing format for automatic monitoring and adjustment to adapt to the changing discharge environment of cnc edm.
In order to always obtain the stability of the machine and the best state of the machine, fuzzylogic also integrates a high
Speed arc avoidance function provided by special arc detection circuit. Fuzzy-
The processing conditions are monitored logically and accurately, and the optimal processing conditions are always maintained through automatic control.
The speed of these two abilities
Simplify the overall processing.
A series of fans
Jet engine blades are now being manufactured in 11 steps instead of 37 thanks to EDM.
EDM enables the company to solve the following problemsthe-
In some cases, the clock accounts for 86% of unattended time.
It is responsible for increasing production and saving, both of which contribute to greater profit margins.
Newly designed workpiece grabbing and positioning device, plus up to 72 tools
A replacement magazine is installed in sinkerapplication, thus turning a single unit into a virtual machining center for the production and operation of electronic parts.
EDM has successfully burned a sandwich material made of exotic alloys and thermoplastic resin, enabling it to be used in aircraft design.
In many applications, acid etching technology is replaced by precision EDM.
Line EDM sales increased significantly due to new line feeder, power supply, reverse power supply
Independent uv-electrolytic power supply
Shaft capability and significantly improved servo
Positioning System.
These yield accuracy, repeatability and reliability are unmatched by any other technology
Growing market segments throughout the machining market.
With improved EDMing accuracy, coupled with its flexible cutting capabilities, the technology is moving into more markets than ever before, more production plans and more material cutting applications
EDMing is really developing his own tradition.
This section contains wires and ram-
Discharge motor;
Equipment for laser cutting, drilling and welding.
Other non-traditional machine tools; and saws.
For more information on any project described, visit the designated exhibition, many of which are located at EDM/ECMPavilion, Level 1 north of McCormick square, or at Reader\'s service
The CNC production laser system is designed to compete directly with conventional turret punch machines.
The system uses double cut and a new dynamic punch technology, providing advanced technology in precision sheet metal manufacturing throughput.
The laser system processes 4 ftx 8 ft pieces and uses a 1500 W laser cavity.
The machine is designed for the processing of stainless steel and aluminum plates without marking, thus eliminating the need for expensive PVC protective materials.
Dynamic piercings allow \"dynamic\" piercings when the workpiece moves towards the cutting line.
The programmer specifies the geometry of the hole.
The rest is done by the system, using spiral leads-in (or path)tothe cut.
The axe never stops;
The electronic shutter closes the laser that it moves from one hole to another.
DoubleCut is Amada\'s patented stacking plate cutting process, in which the sheet is fixed together using a ball roller head;
Prevent leakage of auxiliary gas between tables.
Non-marking stainless steel processing using synchronous polyurethane material support rollers in non-
Contact the capacitor cutting head.
The production system uses Fanuc 16LA 32-
Bit CNC with abuilt
Database of material cutting parameters. A 49. 2\"x20.
Working chute with part drop sensor provides automatic unloading of part scrap.
Amada Co. , Ltd, Buena Park, California
Booth 6437 or 434 laps. Five-
Five-axis cutting TLM series-
Axis LaserMachine Group\'s Axis co2 laser cutting system uses simplified programming and processing to handle complex trimming and patterns of 3D molded parts.
The advanced robot manipulator is combined with the simultaneous operation of all five axes, which are computer-
AC servo drives are controlled using a digital pulse encoder to establish accuracy and reliability.
Including four working envelopes, each with a choice of two laser power levels, the machine is designed for cutting stainless steel, hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel, as well as galvanized steel, aluminum, titanium, Harbin alloy, acrylic plastic, composite and alloy.
The system controller adopts the fast replacement mechanism;
Remove the laser head and replace it with a stylus probe.
The operator moves the probe around the part through the ateching pendant and joystick to digitize the part.
The controller processes these reference points as well as path information, such as circles, arcs, curves, etc. , which are input by the operator to program the correct cutting path.
Other features include quick traverse rate manual coverage, background editing and programming, patented nozzle design to eliminate electrical interference, and system diagnostics.
NTC Laser Group Southfield, Michigan.
Booth 6756 or 440 laps.
The five models of manual RAM sinkerthe Okamoto Corp. Series manual RAM sinkers come with travel (X,Y,Z)
The range from 12 \"xl0\" x61 \"to 51\" x28 \"lx 18.
The manual subslide on the Z axis provides an additional Z axis stroke for the \"9\" range of OK 12
10 to 18 on OK 5228.
The maximum distance from the table board to the table top is from 21 \"to 36 \".
Maximum size of Workbench (length xwidth)
/Table load capacity range 24 \"x 12\"/1100 to 55 \"x 36\"/10,000.
According to the model, the Ram load capacity of the tool varies from 110to 1200 lb.
Filter included standard accessories
Fill the working tank quickly with valvefor, tool plates compatible with 3R, Hirschmann and Mecatool systems, and magnetic base flush blocks.
All machine parts (
Motor, power supply, media system)
Specific foor plan requirements can be met through variable configuration.
Okamoto, Buffalo Grove, IL.
Booth 7134 or 436 laps. \"No-
Compact, diffusion-flow \"lasercooled 1.
5 KW co2 laser, DC-015, is a\"no-
The flow \"laser does not require a complex gas cycle and cooling system to maintain an appropriate operating temperature.
The laser head measures l70x80x 74 cm.
Compared to the consumption of nearly 85 liters per hour of some current laser designs in this power range, it takes less than two liters of gas per hour.
The compact weight of the laser unit allows the head to move, increasing the potential range of cutting applications. Rofin-
Sina company, Plymouth, MI.
Booth 6703 or 439 laps.
Band sawsDoALL will showcase 8 Band saw machines, including 4 new models of Band saw machines. The C-
3300 NC is a production power saw with 13 \"capacity, unlimited variable belt speed 5 hp motor and newly designed sp from 40 to 360!
Its front vise holds the workpiece to both sides of the blade to better control and reduce burrs.
Other new products include C-
916 SA, automatic cutting
Saw with shuttle-style index vise and swivel head for C-cutting angle up to 60-
650 NC double-column power saw for production of cutting with a diameter of up to 26 \"with an accuracy [+ or -]0.
Working height 0021 \"per inch and C-
The 305NC electric saw allows 60 \"single-index strokes and multi-index to 999 \". This heavy-
The unit on duty has 12 \", 305 mmround inventory capacity; a 5 hp, 3. 7-kw. drive motor;
And 1/4 \", 32mm blade width.
It will also show tilt frame and contour saw, saw blade and cutting fluid.
DoAll, industrial marketing services, Depp, IL.
Booth6903 or circle 435.
Laser markerExcel/Control Laser Inc. will present the InstaMark script through itspace for permanent marking of flat and irregular surfaces including steel, aluminum, carbide, plastic and ceramics
Dual system control
Intelligent design using personal operation interface and marking control computer. The IBM-
The compatible computer consists of an Intel 486DX 33 Mhz CPU with 4 mb ram and has the capacity for color vga displays and extensive program creation and storage.
Its dedicated marking control computer provides accurate high-speed marking with direct access to multiple character fonts and graphic images.
Function of machine software
The down menu allows for quick system start-up, job settings, and job conversion.
All Laser parameters are programmable, including output power maintained within the specified range to ensure consistent marking results.
Excel/Control laser Inc. Orlando, Florida.
Booth 6711 or 437 laps.
Laser machiningThe Laserdyne 890 BeamDirector large product manufacturing oriented multi-axis Laser All-in-one machine system.
Its TeachVision integrates many software and hardware features, including fully integrated autofocus control, on-
Scalable database of laser process conditions
Parameter programming based on standard geometric shapes and patterns, as well as automatic mode of automatically targeting laser beams perpendicular to the surface.
These functions are designed to reduce programming time and improve path accuracy and cutting quality.
Position accuracy is [+ or -]0. 001\".
Eastern Eden Prairie Lumonics
Booth 6715 or 438 laps.
Edm Mitsubishi EDM machine stands for status-of-the-
Art electronics, mechanical and electrolytic technologies and functional designs that meet customer needs.
The latest high
Efficiency line EDM, SX-seriesultra-
Precision Automation machine, capable of handling 0.
Brass wire of 07mm diameter, including AF-
2. automatic line-
For Super
Precision automatic processing. The V-
Series sinkermachines with fuzzy function
In addition to smaller footprint and stronger automatic functions, graphical display of logic control and improvement
Programming and complete 4-
AC direct drive servo system. The Z-
The series of machines on display represent the first generation of Mitsubishi line machines.
Z series features 32-bit CNC; an anti-
Electrolytic power supply that significantly reduces corrosion, rust and cracks;
Automatic threading; programmable Z-axis; and 0.
Resolution 000 004.
Mitsubishi EDM, Wooddale, IL.
Booth 5061 or 442 laps.
The Wagner model is 9 or the automatic saw bed is connected to the model NN 1000 trip machine.
Saw bed with withan NC control length gauge and a reclining support stand for cuttingoffs upto 40\".
It also includes automatic loading stations from 37 to 370 sfpm, push feeder, trim cutting, residual end separation and variable speed.
Vertical and horizontal clamping reduces cutting.
Through the connected cutting piece transfer system, the tube and rod end hair removal machine is automatically turned off.
Standard saw and burr removal lengths of 40 \", 80\" and 120 \"are available.
New Jersey mountainside Klingelhofer Corp.
Booth 7205 or 445 laps.
Control of EDMsThe M-
Hansvedt Industries will feature a pulse CNC power supply/control along with five ram and wire systems of different sizes. The M-
Pulsecombines combines the simplicity and price of manual EDM with the productivity of cnc.
It uses fully programmable design software
Axis parameters including surface finish and cutting depth.
Ram edmequip will be from the compact programmable Z-
Using the new M-axis model
The pulse is heavier-
CNC unit working spindle.
The machine to display is CS-
One worker, lady.
2 leadman, MS-
Four Foreman
2 parts manufacturers and Cintrojet SM-18E.
Hansvedt industrial, Urbana, IL.
Booth 5040 or 444 laps.
Tolerance EDMsEROWA provides tools for positioning accuracy and repeatability for wire and sinker EDM and chip manufacturing, preset stations, processing systems and other accessories.
EROWA integrated tooling system (ITS)
Standardized Chuck with standardized process, so the parts can be moved with complete accuracy and repeatability.
Unoset is designed to fit any existing wire line machining center with off-
Line setting function for small and medium equipment
Workpiece size.
Unoset can be operated manually or automatically, and a complete set of pallets and equipment can be set up in advance
Locate the workpiece and fixtures in all three axes.
The Unoset tray acts as a clamping base for various workpiece shapes and is also able to carry parts-
Specific fixtures and fixtures.
EROWA Technology, Chicago, IL.
Booth 5001 or 443 laps. Die-
The sinking EDMsThe SPAC is equipped with a robotic generator from Charmilles technologies
The FORM 1000 series mold sink EDM reduces short circuit, and the DC arcsand increases the processing speed by 30%.
The series uses a method with the sensitivity required to detect and analyze upcoming short-circuit situations to automatically reduce the number of short-circuits.
In addition, the fuzzy logic controller allows EDMs to learn and think about how to adapt to changing conditions.
Chamil technology, Lincoln County, IL.
Booth 5007 or circle441.
The underwater EDMsA computer control, capable of fast and powerful dialogue programming, drives a new range of dive EDMs. The two wire-
Cutting machines known as Alpha 0 and Alpha 1 are distributed in the United States by Fanucand through the EDM method, designed to serve small and medium-sized enterprisesSize EDM shop.
They have four independent 32-
Bit microprocessor.
Other standard features include digital power supplies and digital servo systems, artificial intelligence features with easy dialogue programming, color LCD displays and chillers.
Both models can reach high-speed cutting speeds: up to 25 square inches per hour.
The Fanuc Series 16 CNC control is also a standard control for all edms, allowing the machine operator to perform a high level of control during the cutting process.
There is an AC power supply for Fanuc EDMS.
Power through anon-
The electrolytic method can reduce the small cracking and thus produce the durable mold.
In addition, the anode oxidation of the workpiece is suppressed-
Especially useful when using die steel, in Die Steel, the upper and lower surface of the workpiece prevents rust.
Cutting special materials, such as CBN, titanium alloy and aluminum, can go from rough machining to finishing because the machined surface does not deteriorate due to the electrolytic effect, in the case of titanium alloy, prevent any discoloration of the cutting edge in the workpiece.
Method machine tool, marsudbury.
Booth 4174 or 446 laps.
Armstrong\'s horizontal band saw
Blum Mfg Co will show its PA-
13, a fully automated band saw with 13 \"round capacity, 5-
Hp blade drive and 1 1/4 blade with positive Hydraulic feed pressure.
Designed for high
Production, fully automatic cutting application, standard function of PA
13 includes electric tachometer, digital shuttle length setting, and multiple
Index, block counter, out-of-
Inventory switch, motion detector, quick access, work light and electric blade cleaning brush.
The Marvel V10A2 vertical band saw is also shown with an additional capacity of 10 \"x 14\" and a cutting angle of up to 45 [degrees]
When the workpiece remains stationary on the table;
Series marking II vertical band saw with a capacity standard of 18 \"x 22\" with a choice of vertical 28 \";
The vertical series of 25 band saws with a capacity of 25 \"x 28\" with optional 37 \"high columns. Armstrong-
Blum Mfg Co, Mt Prospect, IL.
Booth 6915 or 449 laps.
The spindle alignment rotating mechanical system provides an objective reference for the diagnosis, measurement and fixing of spindle faults. The L-
1 \"collet projects visible laser beams from the back 700 laser brackets and onto the target.
Adjust the angle of the laser beam by rotating screws on the front panel. The L-705 and L-
706 lasers have a magnetic layer on the front of the laser.
The beam is projected outward from the ground cylindrical housing and is controlled by two micrometers installed at the rear of the laser.
A thousand-meter turn of 0. 001\" onthe L-
The shift of 705 is equal to 0.
0085 \", 30 feet away.
Open the same kilogramme on L-
706 changes corresponding to 0. 0090\" at 90 ft.
All three lasers are designed to align parts and machines, including extruder, holes and turbines, up to 100 in length.
Hamar laser instruments, Wilton, CT
Booth 6980 or 455 laps. Hole-
Sodick K1CN CNC machine tool is designed for high
Using EDM technology with tubular electrodes, small holes are quickly cooled in various applications.
The device can drill holes from 0. 012\" (0. 3 mm)through 0. 118\"(3. 0 mm)
In any conductive material
Hardened steel and hard alloy are included.
The BSII line EDM circuit, Emm 30 T graphic electrode machine, PGW300 line-
Cutting EDM, mold manufacturer 3 and mold manufacturer 5 vertical EDMs, diving EDMs, A30R and a50rhhigh-
Precision compact vertical EDMs and MK EX21 32-
A controlled submersible spark. KGK-
I/Sodick, Buffalo Grove, IL.
Booth 2359 or 447 laps.
The plasma cutting system Komatsu has recently added two models, KCR-4714 and KCR-
9714, to the production line of the RASOR fine plasma cutting system.
These models are suitable for applications that require greater plate processing and maximum productivity.
The automatic pallet shuttle system is a standard feature for these models.
It allows the operator to unload the cut part and load the next plate onto one tray while the other is being processed on the second.
All materials are processed in one location and palletaccess can be accessed from three sides to simplify the removal of parts.
Mayford Komatsu cutting Technology Co. , Ltd.
Booth 6928 or circle448.
Manual and CNC EDMsA new product range, manual and cnc edm machines for CDM Rovella will be launched by McWilliams sales and service
The Eldis series machines have five sizes of manual machines with two power supplies.
Digital is the basic manual power supply;
A programmable power supply called Activa is also provided.
Activa has 200 technical tables and can also accommodate up to 100 personalized parameter tables. Three-
Axisdigital is as follows-
Out and mirror technology are the standard for digital and active a power supplies.
Zenit CNC machines are available in seven sizes;
All four.
Shaft CNC control, available through automatic replacement tool and C-Axis optional.
McWilliams Sales & Service, Farmington Hills, MI.
Booth5184 or circle 453.
The EDM holder system 3R will display a flexible automatic workpiece replacement system designed for wire and stamping EDM.
In ram edm, the macro system is the basic element used to hold and locate the workpiece or electrode.
For line EDM applications, the modified version of the macro is adopted, which can be easily integrated into the existing tools of the customer.
System 3 machine tool Workbench relocation reference System developed to solve problems faced by tools
The manufacturer when installing the tool. The module-
The directional mesh of the permanent reference hole provides a high degree of rigidity and allows fast and reliable variation of repeat accuracy within 0. 005 mm (0. 0002\").
The reference hole has an absolute position relative to the built-in hole
The electronic zero point of the machine on all axes.
Using these reference holes, closed-loop technical requirements can be met between the zero points of the spindle/Machine Tool table, which is a necessary condition for installation in the \"one-minute installation\" production strategy.
The 3R system in Fairfield, New Jersey.
Booth 5129 or 457 laps. High-
The turbine flow II compressor is designed to use its high power (2 kW to 4 kW)
Single beam and multi beam co2 laser.
100% maintenance provided-
No need to change the oil or oil filter.
Factory lubrication bearings are installed on site-
Replaceable bearings can be replaced before the bearing reaches its expected life.
The turbine running at 12,000 rpm is corroded-
Metal resistant to light alloys.
Chinese company, Landing, New Jersey
Booth 6760 or 454 laps.
Wet cutting and dry cutting Savage Model 150 sand saw is designed for wet cutting and dry cutting of ferro alloy with a diameter of up to 6 \"wheels or squares.
The basic machine is fully supplied. Automatic, half
Automatic or manual mode of operation.
The feature of the automatic cutting cycle is a button that can clamp the material, open the coolant, bring the cut back to the starting position and disconnect;
Change the wheel contact arc and produce a variable speed wheel oscillation with better metallurgical finish; and a fully-
Closed metal shield for environmental control and operator safety.
WJ Savage Company, Knoxville, Tennessee.
Booth 6256 or 451 laps.
Super cable EDMsHitachi digital graphics
Of the five models containing the bridge, cutting wires EDMs are available
Unlike the \"C\" frame design, the type coordinates the design and structure of the measuring machine.
This allows the repeatability of the positioning to reach 80 million.
All of these have a \"Q\" or \"S\" power supply that can provide up to 23 cutting speeds.
25 square meters per hour, 28 square meters per hour.
Standard features include programmable flush, Zaxis, 14 \"color graphics Hitachi 100 CNC, wire pull, half
Automatic threading and remote control pendant.
Options include an automatic threading device, an initial hole start-up device, and an a44 lb spool.
Hitachi digital graphics card (USA)
Company, Buffalo Grove, IL.
Booth 456.
Lasers Power the laser power plus the range of beam transmission and diagnostics products. In order to achieve continuous and reliable laser performance, we have carried out a lot of optical and mechanical innovations.
In addition, the beamanalyzer/process monitor, the DynaFlex flexible beam transmission system, and the meter and probe will be displayed.
The force gauges and probes are accurate analog and analog/digital laser force gauges that are easy to use and help improve the control of the laser process.
Calibration of all laser power and power measurement products is guaranteed to be traced back to NIST standards.
Laser power optics, San Diego, California.
Booth 6761 or 458 laps.
The laser processing flexible industrial laser processing system will present byLaser Machining Inc. , which has typical applications such as flat panel processing under vacuum hold, rotating axis for pipeline processing or part operation, andbeam metal-
High cut
Production throughput.
Qualified engineering assistance will also be provided for the discussion of customized laser processing systems.
Somerset WI laser processing
Booth 6769 or 459 laps.
The rotating index system will be two
The parts assembly of the main valve manufacturer uses an operator to complete the assembly at a speed of 400 per hour.
The key of the system is the solder alloy of the solder paste that is combined by atomization filled metal, suitable flux and paste.
The uniform mixture allows for accurate measurement and eliminates the individual fusion-assisted action.
In production, the operator loads these components onto one of the 12 machining fixtures.
After pasting the application, the Assembly will pass through four natural gas-
Heating station where silver is located
Gradually heat the base alloy to 1200.
When the connected part leaves the final heat station, the molten alloy is cooled by compressed air and water station.
Oh, Willoughby, Fusion.
Booth 6201 or 460 laps.
Small EDM machine Model X
We redesigned 30 EDM machine tools to enhance their versatility, with special emphasis on their CNC functions.
By using precision ball screws and DC servo motors, extremely strict tolerances are achieved on the x and y axes. A super-
The precise linear motion components of the X-axis and y-axis ensure stability, Square nature, and prevent desktop lifting.
Standard equipment includes a media cooler, a beat exchanger, an overall dry chemical fire extinguisher and remote manual control. The X-
The 30 is made up of heavy duty welding pieces, providing large machine functions in a compact size. The X-
When ram can be raised to 8000, 30 handheld workpieces are up to 1200.
Sterling Heights, rice, Xermac.
Booth 5426 or 461 laps. Nd-
The laser system company has launched a pulse Nd-
10 to 100 W laser for various welding, cutting and drilling applications.
KLS 342,300-
Fully integrated into the theNEMA 12 case and the watt Compact Laser system with KLS 1022, 1000-
The Watt laser source will be displayed.
All lasers come with standard industrial mounting plates to accommodate the first-class full beam transmission of fiber, beam scanning, trepan, and traditional processing.
Las Vegas, Arlington Heights, IL.
Booth 6982 or 462 laps.
The segment saw blade of segment saw bladesSaws International is made by M-
2 steel and heat-treated to 62-64 Rc hardness.
Their design combines the tongue. in-
Groove-type fit to easily replace damaged parts.
Tighten the segments by four base rivets and two aligned rivets connecting the segments.
In addition, a round metal saw blade with a hard alloy tip is also shown, high
Speed Steel saw blade, friction Hot Saw Blade and automatic side slope machine.
Saw international, Rockford, IL.
Booth 7191 or 465 laps. X-
Badger Two cutting tools
Provides an ultra-high-size shaft cutting table
Pressure water jet cutting for processing a large number of small parts.
Standard badger package includes flow 5X55,000 psi pump, water jet cutting system and double-axis X-Y cuttingtable.
The working envelope is 2 ftx 3 ft or 2 ftx1. 5 ft.
Cutting accuracy [+ or -]0.
[Repeatability] 0051+ or -]0.
0031 \".
The Badger machine uses PC-
Based on 486/66 Mhz controller, pre-
Programming using information about cutting speed, flow rate, water pressure and surface quality.
The badger was developed for the professional shops, marble, stone and glass industries.
Other applications include cutting metal, composites, plastics, foam and rubber.
Flow International, Kent, Washington.
Booth 6282 or 463 laps.
3D scanning Lazer Tracer and Optica can be used for the measurement, scanning and imaging of complex 3D objects.
They can be used to generate digital images that can be used directly through industrial standards such as IGES, DXF, VDA Otherdata interface protocols to enable digital information to be used in stereo printing (
Rapid prototyping)environment.
Coupling these products with surface treatment packages surface treatment programs provides solutions for designing and developing products, modifying or upgrading existing products, and quality control of manufactured products.
3D Technology Co. , Ltd. Turnbull, Carat.
Booth 5481 or 464 laps. Mitre-
The cut saw sbehringer saw will show its fully automated HBP 263 A/G
Cutting machine with 10 (263 mm)
Can also be straight-cut.
Its swivel head allows straight line cutting or angle cutting, clean and consistent;
Adjustable mitre device from [90]degrees]to 45[degrees].
Bellinger saw, Morgan town, PA.
Booth 6983 or 452 laps.
Personal Computer-calibration systembased laser-
Interference measurement system
HP 5529A calibration with simple tool calibrationto-
Using software, diagonal measurement and dynamic measurementQuad-
Comparison of Scale B.
It maximizes the machining accuracy of the rapid production of high-quality parts and has the alaser-
A measurement system that accurately quantifies and corrects errors.
HP 5529A also has a simpleto-
Use the graphical interface where the selection is clearly displayed and can be quickly selected by using the colorcoded symbols. Hewlett-
Packard Corporation, Palo Alto, California.
Booth 6966 or 466 laps.
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