The structure of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-28

With the rapid development of technology in optical communication networks and related fields, the technology of fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine is continuously advancing in terms of breadth and depth; technological progress, especially new models based on gratings, filters, and technologies The successive launch of devices, etc., will provide new countermeasures and ideas for device design. The availability of cladding pumps and single-wavelength, 2lRFL and 3lRFL undoubtedly reflects the great potential of the device. Although most types of instruments are still in the laboratory development stage, they have fully demonstrated their superiority in the laboratory. At present, the development of the device is moving towards multi-functionality and practicality. Among the more prominent types of devices are: Raman devices that can output specific wavelengths according to customer needs, multi-wavelength devices based on supercontinuum developed for WDM systems, and multi-wavelength devices that can change the wavelength interval. It is foreseeable that the device will become a strong competitor of LD, and it will play an important role in the fields of optical communications, military, industrial processing, medical treatment, optical information processing, full-color display and printing in the future.

The design of the transmission scheme of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is designed according to the principle of machine composition, which is convenient for the layout of various parts and mechanisms, and two mutually perpendicular configuration planes are selected. Among them, the X plane is mainly for the assembly of the transmission part, and the Y plane is mainly responsible for the assembly of the executive components. In a machine with a more complex form of motion, multiple planes can be configured on the horizontal platform, and the various platforms are connected to each other through the transmission shaft, such as experiment The various parts provided by the chamber, such as roller chains, spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, etc., and also provide various commonly used couplings and band brakes, as well as disc friction clutches, etc., for threaded connections Fix it. When the actuator of the machine is continuously rotating, the machine transmission scheme can be assembled and designed on a horizontal platform, so that the actuator can be assembled into multiple actuators when doing curved, linear or rotary motions, and use cones. Gear to realize the movement transmission process between the two planes.

In short, in the current network security analysis process, the fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine should be combined with the application characteristics of big data technology to create a network security environment to ensure that the network The rationality of information data determination can enhance the use value of network resources, create a safe network operation environment for people, and promote the innovative development of network information technology. Under normal circumstances, in the process of network security analysis, it is necessary to combine big data technology to create a network environment, and combine the advantages of network technology to construct security problem handling strategies, so that people can realize information resources in network use. Protect and enhance the value of network use, and optimize the project of modern network information resources.

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