The stainless steel can be produced in a variety of shapes

by:Lxshow     2020-08-07

How stainless steel is manufactured?

1. The raw metal is melted in an electric furnace.

2. The semi finished steel is heated, passed through giant rolls and formed into bar, wire, plate, sheet.

3. Then such stainless steel forms are heated and cooled to give strength to the metal with the recommended temperature. The heating process depends on the type of steel. Low temperature produces high strength while high temperature produces lower strength and tougher material.

4. The cutting operations are performed using various methods like shearing, blanking, sawing, nibbling, flame cutting, plasma jet cutting etc.

5. Finally, the finishing is an important aspect of stainless steel processing. The varieties of finishing methods are applied according to required stainless steel materials. This includes annealing, descaling, buffing, tumbling, sandblasting, wire brushing and pickling techniques.

6. To obtain final stainless steel products, variety of welding and grinding methods are processed to give further shaping. The Laser fusion welding is one of the welding stainless steel methods. Precision grinding method is used to give dimensional look to the products.

Laser Fusion Welding Service

The laser fusion welding is the effective process to produce deep penetration welds with minimum heat effective zones. Through laser fusion welding service, the unlike metals can be easily welded while producing very low heat. This laser welding is very effective to cut hardest stainless steel materials without causing distortion. Laser fusion welding service gives powerful output with the different types of austenitic stainless steels with different thicknesses. Laser fusion welding service is highly capable for metals with different thermal conductivity and melting points.

Precision Grinding Service

Precision grinding service depends on the capabilities of the materials. Precision grinding service works well with both metallic and non-metallic materials. Precision grinding processes are used to grind angles, faces, radius of the material with surface, center, internal, external, jig, honing and CNC grinding in small, medium and large quantities. Precision grinding processes include CNC Swiss turning, CNC internal grinding, cylindrical grinding, rotary surface grinding, 5-axis CNC surface grinding etc.

Millstock Stainless mission is to offer cost effective and reliable stainless steel processing modules to meet industry standard. This includes best laser fusion welding service and finest quality of precision grinding service. Our stainless steel processing are welding stainless steel, Lean Duplex Laser Fusion Welded Sections, cut to length bar blanks, Turning & Boring, Forgings, Slitting and third party testing and inspection. Our skilled engineers cover all aspects of stainless steel processes and compliance with customer standards.

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