The scope of application of fiber laser cutting

by:Lxshow     2021-06-16

Fiber laser cutting pipe cutting machine picture Daquan Pipe cutting machine performance characteristics Pipe cutting machine manufacturer professional pipe cutting machine manufacturer Longxin Machinery After years of field research and development, the main products are online automatic pipe cutting machine, pipe cutting machine, automatic Pipe cutting machine, CNC pipe cutting machine, hydraulic pipe cutting machine, pneumatic pipe cutting machine, automatic pipe bending machine, cutting head, pipe end forming machine, chamfering machine, high-speed steel circular saw blade, etc. 9 series, totaling more than 50 Kind of model products.

Fiber laser cutting company products are widely used in online cutting of welded pipes, leisure seats, tent flower stands, outdoor products, steel furniture, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, baby carriages, air conditioners, sanitary ware, Vegetable greenhouse pipe fittings, shelf materials, and iron processing are ideal machines for cutting and processing all kinds of pipes. The company abides by the development values u200bu200bof 'seeking sustainable development with innovation, and defending dignity with quality

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