The main factors of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-29

For the increasingly competitive market of fully automatic fiber laser cutting machines, how can fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers increase product sales and occupy more market shares?

First of all, the product quality must be good.

For the current fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine market, users generally report that the product homogeneity is serious. The brand structure of the major fully automatic fiber laser cutting machines is similar, and the product design of each brand is similar. Users are not at ease with the products of the fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine. Moreover, even if a certain brand stands out from the crowd, its after-sales service still cannot keep up. Many smart fiber laser cutting machine companies have wisely realized that quality is the brand, and only with good quality can there be more sales. Their advantage lies in product Ru0026D and process quality, and win market share with high-quality services and products. Its pursuit of quality, on the one hand, strictly controls the configuration, on the other hand, it continuously develops products that meet the tastes of users.

Then be a good team.

Product quality and service need a good team. Many automatic fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers invest a lot of manpower and material resources to create a relatively comfortable working environment, holiday condolences, small goal celebrations, etc., in order to retain talents. For example, there are many professional employees in the machinery, who have worked in the machinery for many years. It can be said that these skilled workers are the guarantee of product quality. They can brand the fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine within decades. Be consistent, not to mention, the boss is a good leader who strictly grasps the quality.

***The marketing model also needs innovation, and some examples of fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine companies that are growing against the trend show that a good sales volume has excellent product quality and a good team. It is also necessary to continue to develop its own innovative marketing model in order to remain invincible in the unpredictable market trend. Marketing promotion is free or paid. No matter how you find your own marketing model, continue to innovate, that is, the marketing model.

Therefore, good quality, good team, and innovative marketing model can continuously improve product brand awareness and market share for automatic fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers, creating unlimited possibilities for their growth against the trend.

How to operate the servo automatic fiber laser cutting machine

First connect the wires, and connect the 380V wires, no other neutral wires are needed. After connecting the wire, set the formula parameters. The following points need to be set:

Set the cutting length of the tube. Generally, the total length of the tube is 6 meters. When setting the cutting length, pay attention to feeding If the sum of the lengths and times you set is greater than the total length you set, it will appear that the formula is wrong.

Then modify the correct formula parameters.

After setting the length, adjust the thickness of the saw blade. When the length error of the cut pipe is relatively large, the thickness of the saw blade should be set, which is generally +0.1 on the basis of the actual saw blade thickness. For example, if the thickness of the saw blade is 1.6, then we set 1.7 because the saw blade will swing. So you need to add 0.1 more. After setting the thickness, other parameters can be unchanged, and generally they are set before leaving the factory.

After setting, click this initialization button. Then adjust the upper and lower limits of the machine head. Generally the distance between the lower limit saw blade and the pipe is appropriate.

Adjust the flow control valve. This is to adjust the lower cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine head. The larger the value, the faster, the smaller the slower, which is the speed of the saw blade. After adjusting, add the tube and start cutting.


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