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The key component of the fiber laser cutting machine is the cutting head

by:Lxshow     2021-06-23

The fiber laser cutting machine PMAc can realize real-time multi-task processing through priority judgment, which improves the operating speed and control accuracy of the control system. The hardware structure and working principle mainly use the ISA bus for communication between the PC and the PMAC card. The upper computer PC mainly realizes the control and management of the system, and the lower computer PMAC completes real-time control of the movement of the name axis, and real-time feedback of the movement status, such as the motor position and operating status. The key component of the fiber laser cutting machine is the cutting head, which has three degrees of freedom to be controlled, namely the X-axis position, the Y-axis position and the rotation angle C around the Z-axis. For cost considerations, this system controls the X-axis and Y-axis positions through the MINAS PMAC card plugged into the PC ISA standard bus plug orange, and drives the cutting head to move in the X-plane. The X and Y axes are exchanged by 400W respectively. The servo motor is driven by a planetary gear reducer. When working, the cutter head continuously adjusts the rotation angle C according to the trajectory in the XY plane, so that the forward direction of the cutter head is consistent with the tangent direction of the curve. At the same time, the position electric sensor collects the force of the cutter surface, and the output is a digital signal after being processed by the voltage comparison circuit f0, f1, f2, according to the combination of these three values). Compensate the deflection angle of the cutter head, balance the forces on both sides of the blade, and keep the blade surface moving up and down in the vertical direction, so that the size and shape of the cut pieces are consistent To ensure cutting accuracy. The universal I/O card is inserted into the slot of the PC through the PCI bus. It controls the stepper motor by outputting control signals CP, CW, EN, and realizes the rotation of the cutter head. J5 port is a general-purpose digital input and support outlet. It provides 8 general-purpose digital inputs and 8 general-purpose digital shooting. These inputs and outputs are usually taken by the software by defining M variables.

In the definition of M variable for fiber laser cutting machine, variables M1 to M8 are used to read output 1~8 respectively, and M11~M18 are used to read input 1~ 8. The movement of the cutter head to vibrate up and down to cut the cloth is transmitted by the permanent magnet brushless DC motor through the synchronous gear belt, which converts the rotation of the eccentric wheel into the up and down movement of the cutter head. The variable M1 is used to control the start of the motor. Before each program runs, the initialization of the cutter head position must be completed to make the cutter head accurately return to the initial zero position, that is, the reference point of the rotation movement. Software development PMAC card development software includes PCOMM32 and PCOMM16. The former is a dynamic link library function under Windows, which can be developed using VB, VC, LabVIEW and other software. The function of PCOMM16 is the same as PCOMM32, except that the former is a 16-bit DOS development environment. A real-time operating system can provide real-time performance that cannot be guaranteed by a general-purpose operating system. But for developers, the particularity of the system brings a greater degree of development. Real-time refers to the ability of the system to perform the required functions in a limited time and respond to external asynchronous events. It is A relative concept. Combining the specific requirements of this system, you can consider using software based on Windows system, through program structure optimization and reasonable scheduling of tasks, to develop a control system that meets real-time requirements. LabVIEW is a kind of program development environment): Fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of universal equipment with a very wide range of applications. Almost every printing company must be equipped with fiber laser cutting machine. Fiber laser cutting machine accounts for an important part of printing machinery products. Status.


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