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The international competition and continuous improvement

by:Lxshow     2020-07-06
Processing is still broken stone mechanism of processing method made leading, further improve productivity and processing quality is the future direction of development.Ore separating line High speed, high precision, high speed cutting superhigh speed cutting tools and machine tools,Jaw crusher the best cutting parameters to be automatic optimization, cutting tools of high reliability and online technology, automatic assembly technology will be the further development and application. All kinds of precision, the ultra precision processing technology, automation manufacture technology will further to the flexibility and intelligence, integration,China cement mills in the stone machine manufacturing comprehensive consideration of the social, environmental and resources sustainable development factors of green manufacturing technology will toward energy and materials consumption minimum, at least as far as possible of the waste and recycling, in the entire product life cycle for environmental friendly developed. Broken stone machine design and manufacturing and automation of the professional a main specialized technical foundation course, mainly introduces broken stone machine production process, broken stone machining process of the basic knowledge of equipment, metal cutting process and basic rule,Symons cone crusher broken stone machining and assembly process planning, typical parts processing, broken stone machining precision and surface quality analysis and control, as well as the manufacturing technology development tendency. Metal cutting process of the basic rules and basic knowledge of the broken stone machining, can choose broken stone machining methods and machine tool, cutting tool, fixture and cutting processing parameters. Master broken stone machining precision and surface quality of basic theory and basic knowledge, preliminary analysis and solving process question ability.Cement mill price Broken stone machine many basic knowledge and basic theory has contact, rich in content, comprehensively. Technology theory and the application of technology method and flexible, and is closely related to the actual production. Learning this course should theory with practice, pay attention to practical teaching links, through the metalworking practice, the production practice, course experiment, course design and factory study better experience, enhance understanding. Learn the key is to understand and master the basic concept and the machining of the stone in the practical application, and at the same time a dialectical minds, seeking truth from facts to analyze the specific situation, flexible processing quality, productivity and cost the dialectical relations between, in order to ensure the quality, under the premise of a good economic benefits.
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